Cardiff-based personal safety organisation RESOLVEit has announced its commitment to helping local teenagers stay safe and sane during the COVID-19 lockdown. The decision was taken last week amid the government introducing a three-week extension on the lockdown.

“People will be stuck at home for an extraordinarily long period of time. This means the risks of anti-social behaviour and mental health issues may be heightened, especially for teenagers,” said Eira Culverwell, Managing Director at RESOLVEit.

The company plans to tackle these problems by giving out easily accessible information and advice online through its social media channels.

The topics covered will touch upon vital subjects like relationships, alcohol and drugs, and mental health issues, with a focus on minimising the risks and staying safe in self-isolation.

“With teenagers, the key is to give out advice in an honest and engaging way. It can be tough to get through to your students or children, which is where we try to help,” added Culverwell.

The educational campaign developed by a team of Cardiff University Master’s students will run on the #SafeandSane webpage, as well as on RESOLVEit’s Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts. It can be found by searching for @RESOLVEitcic or following the hashtag #SafeandSane.

RESOLVEit is a community interest company providing personal safety training and workshops to educational establishments, charities, businesses and not-for-profit organisations in Wales. The company was set up in 2014 by Diane Briere De L’Isle, the international lawyer and wife of Admiral’s CEO Henry Engelhardt.