Local Four Us Ready To Take Business By Storm In The New Year

Local Four Us was initially launched during the Coronavirus lockdown this year. It was to showcase to the local people of Wales of what is open locally and to see who delivers to their very own door steps.

Local Four Us then progressed to become a website and soon to be application of what is open locally within your region. The plan is also for people to be able to pick from a local seller after they purchased it on the online website. It is a way to support the local high streets and local businesses.

The reason the logo is a Penguin is because Local Four Us during the lockdown adopted a penguin in the Colwyn Bay Zoo to help the penguins during the lockdown get food.

Currently Local Four Us are holding a virtual Christmas Market to help businesses during the pandemic during Christmas period. It has a lot to offer such as discounts on virtual escape rooms to do at your very homes to show times on virtual pantomines this Christmas.

The plans coming into the new year is to work with all local shops and unique online ideas to make a platform for every body to enjoy. The plan is to work with shops with having a click and collect which will be done by shops adding their products onto the website and then customers purchasing them online and either going to the store to pick it up or get it delivered to their very own door step. This is welcomed to all shops and food industries.

Local Four Us welcomes anyone who is interested to join to write to us from our website. It is free to use till February – so why not try it out today for free?