Mackie’s reveal honeycomb breakthrough listing in Bridgend Sainsbury’s

A MUCH-LOVED ice cream brand has landed a major deal that will see another popular flavour become available in one of the UK’s largest supermarkets south of the border.

Mackie’s of Scotland has secured a landmark deal with 126 listings of the family brand’s second most popular ice cream flavour, Honeycomb, in Sainsbury’s stores across England and Wales, including Bridgend.

The brand, which makes all of its ice cream and packaging on site at the fourth-generation family farm in Aberdeenshire, will now see its Honeycomb 1 Litre Real Dairy Ice Cream in English and Welsh stores and hopes to create additional sales of £100,000.

Mackie’s make honeycomb on the family farm and use it in several products. The largest pieces for honeycomb ice cream, smaller sized pieces and even the remaining dust is infused with flavour to use in Honeycomb and Orange flavours of Chocolate.

Stuart Common, Sales Director said: “To secure this opportunity in Sainsbury’s is a huge achievement for us at Mackie’s, as the Welsh market has been a challenging space to enter.

“It’s an exciting milestone and we hope that finding a new flavour will please our existing customers while also attracting new ones.

“We have been making honeycomb ice cream since 1994, it is a sweeter option, flavoured by the little pieces of honeycomb candy gently softening into the creamy ice cream. It is well established in Scotland as our second most popular flavour, with our natural creamy flavour called Traditional remaining the best seller.”

Mackie’s hand-make the pieces of honeycomb which are included as the flavour ingredient, with the farm sweetie kitchen making around 60 tonnes per year.

Stuart added: “This listing will help us build on our existing share in the UK market whilst enabling us to continue expanding our offering of diverse products south of the border.

“It is extremely important that we engage more with our customers across the UK, and so securing this listing is an integral step forward in allowing everyone across this island to enjoy our ice cream.

“We hope the news is as exciting for our English and Welsh customers, as it has been for the team at Mackie’s.”

Honeycomb is a popular flavour around the world and has many different names, from hokey pokey in New Zealand, cinder toffee in England, sea form or fairy food candy in US, Sponge toffee in Canada, Karumeyaki in Japan and Dalgona in Korea. Demand for honeycomb in ice cream and snacks continues to be strong in the UK.

As part of its efforts to be the greenest company in Britain, the independent brand makes its own electricity and packaging on its fourth generation family farm, Westertown, in Aberdeenshire.

In keeping with its ‘sky to scoop’ philosophy, the milk comes from Mackie’s own dairy herd of cows, while the farm and factory are powered by the renewable energy that it generates through wind turbines, solar panels and a biomass plant.

Mackie’s still produce all of its ice cream on the farm using fresh milk and cream from its own dairy herd.

In addition, a £4.5million project is underway to install an innovative new low-carbon refrigeration system, set to be among the greenest in Europe and the first of its kind in Scotland.

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