Space the next frontier to explore

Developed by Volodymyr Vernadsky, the theory of noosphere envisions the third stage of humanity’s development, implemented in reason and scientific thought. The scientist believed that knowledge is the driving force of progress and predicted that noosphere development would bring people to space as the next evolution stage. In the 21st century, an international space entrepreneur Max Polyakov, who comes from Ukraine, adheres to the idea and considers space the next frontier for humanity to explore and benefit from. 

So, when Russia started its full-scale invasion of Ukraine, he saw a bunch of opportunities that space technologies could bring to Ukraine. Thus, the space entrepreneur and philanthropist has initiated a couple of space-related initiatives that could help Ukrainians save lives and will provide opportunities for rebuilding the country. 

Max Polyakov’s Space Efforts to Support Ukraine

At the beginning of the war, Dr Max Polyakov used his knowledge to help save lives in Ukraine. As an entrepreneur who has built some successful space businesses, including the revival of Firefly Aerospace, the creation of EOS Data Analytics, and investment in Dragonfly Aerospace, he had a clear understanding of what space technologies are worth for Ukraine and how they should be applied for the benefit of Ukrainian people.

It is well-known that the strongest warrior does not always win the fight. But the smartest does. So, Ukrainians needed to act smart and look at the opportunities that technologies, particularly space technologies, provide. First, he encouraged all the space companies with earth observation capabilities to provide Ukraine with satellite imagery. At that time, satellite images could have helped Ukrainians track the Russian military’s movement and better organize humanitarian missions. 

Other Space-Related Engagements

For Ukrainians to use the capabilities offered by the collected satellite data, an agreement for cooperation between EOSDA and European EO data provider GEOSAT was arranged. Following the agreement, GEOSAT will provide its capabilities to deliver up-to-date imagery of Ukrainian and global territories. The data from GEOSAT’s optical satellites can well be used for the recovery of different Ukrainian industries. 

According to Max Polyakov, who commented on the deal, the satellite’s capabilities will be used to enhance environmental activities and the development of industries in Ukraine and globally. With the images captured from space, Ukraine will obtain additional opportunities and be able to find the areas of concern as well as come up with ideas on how to solve them.

SAR Satellite for Ukraine

While Ukraine was able to use satellite imagery from different sources and partners, Ukraine still needed more SAR (synthetic aperture radar) capabilities. End of August, the Ukrainian charity foundation by Serhii Prytula announced a purchase of such a satellite for the needs of the country’s defenders. The foundation then expressed gratitude to Max Polyakov and his team for sharing their expertise and assisting in the matters related to the purchase. Prytula mentioned that due to the entrepreneur’s involvement, it was possible to implement the project quietly, quickly, and competently. The team of data analysts and SAR specialists were able to advise the foundation on the technical side of the deal and help choose the best option for Ukrainian defenders. 

Max Polyakov’s Charity for Ukraine 

The war in Ukraine has catalyzed many initiatives in different spheres. And the humanitarian sphere, with numerous charities, has received a significant boost. Due to the leadership of conscious entrepreneurs, Ukrainian businesses have widely engaged in a variety of initiatives. People dedicated their time and effort to spreading the truth, sanctioning Russian companies, and volunteering. 

Many businesses have donated to support a range of causes, and Maxym Polyakov was one of those who provided financial support. He was the first to donate to a charity foundation TAPS, taking care of the victims of Russian aggression. On another occasion, Prytula mentioned that the space entrepreneur donated cosmic $1.3 million to their foundation back in April. Also, as an entrepreneur with a passion for tech startups, Polyakov initiated a purchase of anti-drone weapons by Ukrainian startup Kvertus to support the defenders. He has also supported an initiative by the government and donated to the “Army of Drones”, which aims to strengthen Ukrainian intelligence capabilities and obtain valuable information. 

Space technologies are undoubtedly offering strong assistance to Ukraine, and forward-looking people understand this. Hence, all the initiatives to bring satellite capabilities to Ukraine and help the country defend its territories. Everyone has to do what he or she can do best to win – a war, a prize, a competition. So with a focus on space technologies and supporting technologies in Ukraine, philanthropist Max Polyakov is doing a great service to his country.