Moneypenny partners with global expert network WORKTECH Academy to create insights on the future of work

Moneypenny, the fast-growing leader in outsourced corporate communications that answers calls, live chat and digital comms for thousands of businesses globally, has announced a global partnership with WORKTECH Academy, the world’s foremost knowledge platform and membership club for how we’ll work tomorrow.

The partnership will bring Moneypenny right to the heart of the WORKTECH network, enabling the company to access valuable expertise, trends, knowledge and insights as part of its drive to support its customers in navigating a flexible new world of work.

In turn, Moneypenny will be able to share its experience of using outsourced communications to improve operations, efficiency and experience with a global community of workplace professionals including real estate leaders, architects, developers, technologists, strategists, academics and researchers.

Moneypenny will have its own knowledge microsite on the WORKTECH Academy platform where Academy members can access new ideas and information on all aspects of business communication. The company is also working closely with the Academy’s research team to create new content – a white paper on the changing parameters of sustainable business is the first assignment.

Joanna Swash, Group CEO of Moneypenny, says: ‘Our global partnership with WORKTECH Academy is exciting and important for the company. The Academy has an unrivalled network. As more organisations recognise the potential for hybrid working, Moneypenny aims to arm companies of all sizes with advice and insights on establishing and growing business presence in an increasingly mobile world. We are now in a position to access and share global best practice.’

WORKTECH Academy director Jeremy Myerson comments: ‘We are delighted to welcome Moneypenny to our inner circle. We’re going to benefit a lot from its expertise and also help the company to develop. From expertise in remote working to more flexible and green ways of doing business, Moneypenny has a wealth of great material across different industries. We’ll be calling on Moneypenny experts to help explain how communication and experience is shifting as we adopt new hybrid ways of working.’

About Moneypenny

The address for the Moneypenny WORKTECH microsite is
Moneypenny is the world’s leading provider of telephone answering, outsourced switchboard, Live Chat and customer contact solutions and is the leading and most trusted partner to large and small businesses. Moneypenny has over 1000 staff based in the UK and the USA and currently handles over 20 million calls and live chats for 21,000 businesses. It blends brilliant people superpowered by leading edge tech solutions to deliver seamless customer engagement outcomes. Moneypenny now includes award-winning VoiceNation and NinjaNumber.

About WORKTECH Academy

WORKTECH Academy is the world’s leading knowledge platform and membership club exploring how we’ll work tomorrow. The Academy’s content is curated in six streams: people, place, technology, culture, design and innovation. It shares data, ideas and insights on the future of work and workplace from its extensive global membership base with workplace professionals worldwide.