M&S Culverhouse Cross top festive picks

Find out what Neil Enoch from M&S Culverhouse Cross store’s top picks and #MyMarksFave are this Christmas

We all have our favourites at Christmas. It could be M&S’s fool proof ‘Perfect Turkey’ – moist, juicy and full of flavour, and ready to pop in the oven with no prep needed; or maybe it’s amazing sleepwear – for the perfect cosy night in watching the Christmas specials.

At M&S, colleagues are there to offer great service and an easy experience at the time of year that many families call a ‘military operation’, helping you pick the Christmas staples, as well as discover new favourites.

If you’re looking for some Christmas inspiration, we’ve travelled across Cardiff asking some of the M&S Store Managers about their M&S Christmas favourites.

Neil Enoch from the M&S Culverhouse Cross store shared his top festive picks with us:

M&S Food #MyMarksFave:

  1. Sticky Toffee Pudding Trifle (£12) – “It’s my absolute favourite dessert this Christmas! Can’t wait to bring it home to the family. This one is going down a treat with shoppers!”
  2. Salted Caramel Sauce (£3.99) – “This goes beautifully with your desserts of choice I love pouring on a bowl of freshly cut fruit!”
  3. Brie en Croute (£12) – “It’s been an absolute favourite this season with the delicious brie melting in your mouth!”
  4. Collection The Perfect Turkey (£65) – “The best turkey out there – it’s stuffed with pork, sage and onion stuffing wrapped in maple cured bacon. The best thing is it’s all ready to go – you just have to pop it in the oven!”
  5. Red Cabbage (£4.50) – “Perfect flavoursome side dish to go along with your Christmas meal!”

M&S Clothing & Home:

  1. Black Leather Gloves (£17.50) – “Great quality gloves to keep you warm in the winter.”
  2. Pure Cashmere V-Neck Jumper (£79) – “This jumper is incredibly soft and has been so popular this season!”
  3. Pure Cotton Checked Pyjama Set (£12.50) – “Made with super-soft pure cotton, these pyjamas are a go-to this season!”
  4. Mistletoe & Fir 3 Wick Candle (£7) – “My family loves the smell of these candles!”
  5. Tiger Christmas jumper (£19.50) – “This is definitely one of my favourites – they even have a matching version for kids! My kids have been doing the shoulder roll wearing them to mimic the ad!”

To make this Christmas your most delicious yet, order your M&S festive feast by 5pm on 15 December – visit www.christmasfood.marksandspencer.com, or visit us to discover the incredible range of festive food in store. For gift inspiration and amazing festive style – visit www.marksandspencer.com.