MS thanks public service and essential workers, sends Best Wishes for the Festive Season

Huw Irranca-Davies MS/AS, Member of the Senedd for Ogmore, has released his Christmas statement thanking public service and essential workers who are set to work through Christmas

We publish his statement in full below:

At this time of year we send our thanks to all the public service and essential workers who will be working through Christmas as we – covid-safely – enjoy the festive break.

In particular we thank our health and care workers who as always are looking after us and our loved ones, keeping our NHS and care going, and under the added burden of the pandemic. From our GPs to porters to nurses and social workers and care professionals and cleaners and radiographers (special family mention!) and the many, many who keep us safe and well: thank you all!

And a big shout out to the haulage operators and drivers, warehouse staff, shop workers, security staff and all who keep our fridges stocked and put the Christmas presents under the tree. Thank you too.

To the postal workers who sort our packages and Christmas cards at an unearthly hour, and then head out in the dark and the cold and the rain to deliver little packages of joy, or sometimes crucial messages (whether those messages are welcome or unwelcome!), we thank you too.

To our charities and volunteers who work through Christmas to feed the hungry, provide safe shelter for the homeless, respite for hard-pressed carers and their families, provide care and treatment for those with drug and alcohol addiction problems, work with hard-pressed families and children, provide safety for those experiencing domestic abuse and violence, and a million other necessary and often unseen and unsung but essential acts of love and care and support: thank you all.

For our public sector and local authority workers keeping our roads gritted and the drains unblocked, the emergency phone-calls answered and the urgent calls for help; the PCSOs and the police officers attending home-calls and keeping our streets safe while we sleep, and while we relax.

To all these and more, who will be working through Christmas so that we can enjoy Christmas, we say thank you. We will be thinking about you, raising a toast to you, and hoping that you also get some time to relax with your loved ones too.

Beyond the incredible challenges of these very strange times, this reminds us that we have much to be thankful for, and people to give thanks to. My best to all of you for Christmas, the festive break, and the New Year too.