Nearly half (43%) of Welsh residents want to have a nice meal in a restaurant as the first thing they do after lockdown

New research reveals that we really are a nation of home birds, with over a third (36%) of Brits wanting to holiday in the UK once lockdown is lifted.

The findings from Bayut, the UAE’s largest property portal, also revealed some of the worst-hit countries still top the holiday hot spots with Spain, America, and Italy making three of the top five locations to visit post lockdown.

Top ten countries Brits want to go on holiday post lockdown:
1. UK
2. Spain
3. America
4. Italy
5. Greece

When asked what activities Brits most are looking forward to doing on their first-holiday post-Covid-19, the top included eating out at a restaurant (41%) going to the pub (36%) and shopping (32%). It probably comes as no surprise the younger generation (18-24-year olds) are most looking forward to clubbing (15%) and hitting a water park (19%).

With many couples having to cancel their weddings, 1 in 10 are most looking forward to celebrating a hen or stag do and a wedding (10%)

Pre lockdown**, Bayut looked at the top destinations Brits wanted to live/work if given the opportunity to do so abroad, as well as the reasons for this. Two-thirds of (65%) Brits would welcome the opportunity to pack up their life in the UK and move overseas.

The findings revealed the main motivation for two-thirds of Brits (65%) is for a better quality of life, followed closely by over half the nation (54%) wanting better weather and a third (31%) willing to move for more money. However, with the outbreak of COVID-19, it seems attitudes may have changed.

A spokesperson from Bayut comments,

“We wanted to commission this research to see what future plans Brits are making to keep their spirits up. As a Dubai based business, it was great to see that Dubai made the top 20 list of holiday destinations. While there is a lot of uncertainty around what the future holds making plans for the future gives us all something to look forward too. Faced with an unfamiliar situation it’s interesting to see that we all yearn for the simple things in life such as eating out in a nice restaurant (41%) or going for a long walk (24%) post the effects of COVID-19.