Nearly half of Welsh respondents reveal their top saving goal is to be financially stable: HSBC UK survey

HSBC UK recently surveyed 2,000 UK adults to understand their saving goals and habits. The results revealed 49% of Welsh respondents say their number one short-term saving goal is to be financially stable. This was followed by going on holiday (cited by 44% of Welsh respondents), having a buffer for rainy days (29%) and buying a new car (20%). 

The results showed that nearly three-quarters of Welsh 69% (net) of Welsh respondents say they have good financial resilience in their ability to live within their means and 75% (net) of Welsh respondents stick to their spending budgets ‘always’ and ‘frequently’. Moreover, 17% of Welsh respondents save their money immediately after being paid, showing strong saving habits. However, on average, Welsh respondents save just 13% of their personal income every month, despite Welsh respondents thinking they should be saving 20%. 

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