Premier League Football Fixtures happening on Christmas Weekend

While everyone else is worrying over who can see who this Christmas, and what seasonal Welsh joint they will cook for the family, football fans just want to know the fixture times, so they can plan their festive weekend of sports viewing.  With plenty of action planned for Boxing Day and Christmas Sunday, there is plenty of seasonal football action for fans to enjoy.

Welsh Football Fixtures

While rugby is seen as ‘the Welsh game’ it’s important to remember that football is just as popular – indeed, 6 Welsh grassroots heroes were recently honoured in the 2020 FAW & McDonald’s Grassroots Football Awards.

Popular Welsh football teams Cardiff City and Swansea City are not in the Premier League this season, both are in the Championship and you can follow their televised match schedules here:



Cardiff City, currently 11th in the Champions League plays Brentford City on 26 December but the match is not scheduled for TV coverage.  Swansea City, who were relegated from the Premier League at the end of the 2017-18 season, is faring a little better at position 4 but has no fixtures planned for Boxing Day weekend.

Sadly, neither club has any televised action for Christmas weekend, but the Premier League has plenty of action of offer.  Here’s a full list of what’s on TV and when on 26 and 27 December: –


Premier League Boxing Day Football Matches

Leicester City vs Man Utd – 26 Dec, 12.30pm on BT Sport

Aston Villa vs Crystal Palace – 26 Dec, 3pm on BBC

Fulham vs Southampton – 26 Dec, 3pm on Sky Sports

Arsenal vs Chelsea – 26 Dec, 5.30pm on Sky Sports

Man City vs Newcastle Utd – 26 Dec, 8pm on BT Sport

Sheffield Utd vs Everton – 26 Dec, 8pm on BT Sport


Premier League Football Matches – 27 December

Leeds Utd vs Burnley – 27 Dec, 12pm on Sky Sports

West Ham vs Brighton – 27 Dec, 2.15pm on Sky Sports

Liverpool vs West Brom – 27 Dec, 4.30pm on Sky Sports

Wolves vs Tottenham – 27 Dec, 7.15pm on Sky Sports


Having a Flutter

While many fans are content to just watch the game, those who follow it avidly often enjoy a flutter – especially at Christmas time, when everyone is all relaxed.  ‘Football bets UK’ is a popular search term and will deliver a large number of sites, making it easy to bet from your sofa.

If the odds don’t favour your team (and let’s be honest, nobody likes to bet against their own team), these days you can bet on everything from the match winner to the number of corners and even on the number of cards issued through the match.

Who is likely to win the 2020-21 Premier League?

After strong performances, odds now favour Manchester City (9/4) or Liverpool (7/4) to win the Premier League Trophy, followed by Tottenham (4/1) who are currently sitting at the top of the table.

At present, Fulham, West Bromwich Albion and Sheffield United face relegation, but with the season continuing until May 2021, the trophy is very much still to play for.

As for Welsh clubs, at 14/1 Swansea City is predicted to finish within the top 5 of the Champions League – which makes them unlikely to return to the Premier League at the end of this season.  However, with the power of Welsh supporters behind them, we’ll keep hoping!

Merry Christmas everyone!