The idea of starting new and exciting ventures is often a topic on people’s minds as we enter a fresh new year, and the quiet month of January is a perfect opportunity to try out a new hobby to enjoy in 2022. Hobbies are a great way of keeping busy, making friends and creating new opportunities for yourself. If you’ve been looking for something fun to try this year, here are just a few suggestions of popular hobbies to give a go.

  1. Cold-water swimming
    Embrace the cold winter nights by finding a cold-water swimming club near you. This active hobby has boomed in popularity these past few years. Cold-water swimming has a range of great benefits such as improved circulation, stress reduction and is also a great way of making new friends.
  2. Start a collection
    There are a multitude of items you could begin collecting as a hobby – stamps, coins, vinyl records, toy model cars or movie memorabilia, just to name a few. The process of tracking down the items, comparing prices and speculating the rarity and value are all part of the fun of creating a collection. Find something you’re passionate about and get collecting!
  3. Bitcoin trading
    If you have an interest in tech trends, investing or business skills, then trying your hand in the cryptocurrency market would be a great new hobby to pick up. There are lots of different apps and trading platforms to explore – just make sure you choose someone UK based so you are protected by the FCA regulations.
  4. Try a new art or craft
    If you like practical and hands-on activities, then trying out a new art form or craft could be right up your street. There’s a wide range of different crafts such as knitting, crocheting, origami, painting by numbers, soap making and so many more. A quick internet search can bring up some great ideas.
  5. Plogging
    Another new fitness craze sweeping the globe is Plogging. Founded in Sweden in 2016, the name merges the Swedish verbs “plocka upp” (pick up) and “jogga” (jog).

    Ploggers often run or jog in groups, and on their travels pick up any litter they see on the ground and collect it. The action of picking up litter adds more body movement to the jog such as squatting, bending and stretching and leads to a better work-out. With plastic pollution becoming a growing concern, you can get fit and play your part in protecting the environment at the same time.


We hope you find some inspiration in this post to try something new for 2022, and if you find something you love, let us know in the comments!