Tim Stone has been appointed as Redrow Homes’ new regional managing director, overseeing projects across the South West, South Wales and the West Country.

Tim joined the housebuilder four years ago as regional director of its South Wales division, based in Cardiff, before being promoted to managing director in 2017 and will now work with the senior management teams across the South West and South Wales to direct their operations and drive forward the company’s strategic plans to ensure a good ongoing supply of new developments.

“I’m really pleased to be taking on this new wider role, leading Redrow teams across three important areas,” he said.

“I’ll work closely with the teams in these offices to support the company’s future success, securing land in high quality locations and working with the planning authorities and local communities to create beautiful developments that benefit everyone.”

Tim had gained 15 years’ experience in the construction industry, working his way up through several management and finance roles at different national housebuilders across Oxfordshire, the South West and Wales before he joined Redrow.

Tim’s experience in housebuilding across a number of different local markets has led him to believe the main challenges are very similar even though the locations may be different.

“There are some regional variations in terms of land supply and in Wales there are some different planning laws but the key challenges which are securing land, getting it through the planning system quickly and sourcing talented trades and people remain the same wherever you are,” he said.

Redrow works hard across all divisions to address the construction industry skills gap with comprehensive apprenticeship and graduate training programmes and a focus on upskilling and training staff within the company. It also works closely with planning authorities to create sustainable infrastructure, leisure facilities and green spaces to enhance its developments and the communities they serve.

Tim has a genuine passion for the company, and says he joined Redrow because he believes the quality and design of its homes are the best in the industry:

“I used to look at Redrow houses and developments with a bit of envy because they were always the best and stood out.” he said.

“The business also has an entrepreneurial spirit which comes from our founder and former chairman Steve Morgan who wasn’t afraid to make bold decisions and do things that no-one else was doing.  It makes our job very rewarding to create great homes and great places!”