Conwy County Borough Council has successfully secured funding via Welsh Government’s Brilliant Basics Scheme to replace two promenade shelters along Llandudno’s North Shore.

The project will replace two of the seven shelters on North Shore Promenade, opposite the St George’s Hotel and next to the paddling pool in Craig Y Don. The current shelters are in poor condition, and without action they could be at risk of closure in the future.

The new structures will keep the Victorian design and continue to offer seating and shelter, with ample opportunity to enjoy the magnificent views across Llandudno Bay. In future, it is hoped that smart elements can be added to the structures in the form of solar PV and laptop and mobile phone charging points.

Demolition of the shelters is due to start early December 2022, with the shelter by the paddling pool being the first to be demolished. After demolition, contractors will assess the foundations of the previous shelters, with the new Victorian-style shelters expected to be fully built by March 2023.

Cllr Geoff Stewart, Conwy County Borough Council’s Cabinet Member for Neighbourhood and the Environment, said: “The promenade shelters are an important part of Llandudno’s heritage, so we need to keep them for future generations to enjoy. The shelters help to promote our sense of place and the rich culture of Wales and Llandudno. This project will contribute towards ongoing regeneration so Llandudno continues to thrive as a destination.”

Conwy County Borough Council is hoping to attract further investment to complete the replacement of the remaining five shelters.