CLINICAL Services at Nightingale House has been strengthened to provide a more seamless service for chronically ill patients to access the care they need.

Angela Smith and Paula Pritchard have taken up new roles as Deputy Ward Managers at the hospice. Paula will be in charge of the day shifts and Angela will take over for the night shift.

The pair who are long-standing members of the clinical team are already well-versed in the workings of palliative care for those with life-limiting illnesses across North East Wales and the borderlands.

Both Angela and Paula are embracing their new roles and are excited to share their experience by taking the helm to ensure patients continue to receive excellent high-quality care within the hospice setting, where 40% of in-patients admitted to the ward were discharged last year.

Working at the hospice was Paula Pritchard’s dream job. She was inspired by the wonderful holistic care given to her uncle at the hospice several years ago. Paula said: “Palliative care has always been my passion. We meet extraordinary patients and families that leave a lasting impression on us all and inspire us to provide the care we do.

“The end of life deserves as much beauty, care and respect as the beginning and I am extremely proud to be part of a team that wholeheartedly believes this.”

Angela has worked at Nightingale House since 2007 and up until recently was the Practice Development Nurse. She said: “My responsibilities are now for the night-shift team and I am loving the opportunity to combine my love of nursing with being able to support our clinical managers to provide first-class evidence based care to the highest quality. It is an honour to be able to do this role and nurture our team, working closely with Paula and others to ensure there is a smooth transition from one shift to another. This change and continuity can make all the difference to patients and their loved ones.”

Ward Sister, Ruth Bond said: “I am delighted to have Angela and Paula working closely with myself and the strategic team to ensure all our patients and their families have the care and facilities they deserve to ensure their own personal journey and experience is to the highest standards. As a team we will be able to develop our services tailored to the needs of patients with life-limiting illnesses and continue to improve and develop our holistic approach to care.”