one2one adds Advanced Biomechanical Screening to their growing range of services for sports professionals

Bridgend sports physiotherapy and wellbeing centre, one2one therapy, has extended their range of services for sports professionals to include a new Advanced Biomechanical Screening running assessment.
This new service is perfect for athletes and delivers a thorough biomechanical screening with consultation and advice from both a physiotherapist and a podiatrist. The unique assessment is
invaluable for sportsmen and women and helps with both injury prevention and performance enhancement.
Clinic Director Rhian Davies explains:
“During this 90 minute appointment, our experts will assess you individually AND carry out a joint running assessment using the latest technology for accurate assessment and analysis of your gait pattern and biomechanics. With this data, our run specialists will advise you on your running technique, prescribe exercises and give you footwear advice – the bespoke advice will give athletes a unique way to fine tune their performance and reduce the risk of future injuries.”
The extensive session includes:
  • Lower limb and Back range of movement and muscle strength testing
  • Vimove assessment of the knee and lower back
  • RS Scan dynamic pressure and balance analysis
  • 2D video analysis of foot and ankle mechanics
  • Vimove running assessment with both our physiotherapist and podiatrist
  • Footwear assessment
  • Exercises and advice based on the findings
Rhian continues:
“We are already proud to work with a number of full-time professional athletes and we have a good reputation for helping clients prevent and treat sports injuries. This new service will enhance this and we look forward to seeing our athletes continue to succeed.”