Oven cleaning firm detects rise in popularity of the post-pandemic dinner party

The rising cost of foodstuffs and an ongoing sense of post-pandemic freedom has triggered a resurgence in the popularity of dinner parties, according to Phil Davidson, who runs oven valeting businesses Ovenu Colwyn Bay and Ovenu Denbighshire.

However, these days dinner parties are much less formal – less Downton Abbey, and more Come Dine With Me, with an added twist created by the cost-of-living crisis.

According to Phil, of Prestatyn, while clients continue to enjoy socialising with friends and families in their homes and outdoor spaces, guests are also now contributing to the dining experience.

He said: “People are continuing their love of cooking that many rediscovered during the pandemic, but the cost of living crisis has seen guests chipping in to reduce the overall expense by making a culinary contribution, whether that’s bringing along a starter, dessert or part of the mains.

“The cost of takeaways and eating out is spiralling, but people still want that social experience, which is why dinner parties are making a comeback.

“However, it’s less Downton Abbey and more Come Dine With Me, partly because people enjoy a relaxed get together and partly because modern homes are more open plan and lend themselves to people ‘grazing’ rather than sitting down at a dining table.

“I’ve continued to see an increase in demand for oven cleaning, which reflects the fact that more people are cooking and baking regularly, and clients appreciate that a clean oven not only produces more flavoursome food, devoid of contamination by grease and carbon, but that it operates more efficiently.”

“Dinner parties in the 1970 were synonymous with cheese and pineapple on a stick, prawn cocktail, and scampi in a basket, but fortunately, modern tastes are more varied and adventurous. In addition, the rise of social media and messaging services like WhatsApp, means it’s much easier to arrange and organise a get together.”


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