Students at Cardiff Metropolitan University have been lending a hand to a project that aims to raise vital funds for charity Mothers of Africa, coinciding with International Women’s Day this Friday (9th March).

Led by Maggie Cullinane, Technical Demonstrator at Cardiff School of Art and Design (CSAD), the project has seen 20 textiles students, along with 5 others from fashion, ceramics, and artist/designer/maker help to produce handmade quilts that will ultimately be raffled to raise funds for the African charity.

Each student has designed and created a square to support the creation of the quilt, as well as holding fundraising events on the University campus.The project has been running since 2012 and has already raised in excess of £4000 in vital funds, which go directly to supporting women in Africa where sadly childbirth can prove to be fatal in alarming numbers.

Throughout Africa, it is estimated that three Boeing 747s of mothers die in childbirth each day, and that a woman’s risk of dying from treatable or preventable complications of pregnancy and childbirth over the course of her lifetime is 1 in 6 (in developed regions, the risk is 1 in 7,300).

Mothers of Africa provide sustainable education programs in schools, communities and health facilities, as well as building infrastructure to support the education programs.

Maggie was inspired to set up the fundraising project after her own experience of childbirth, and how it contrasted with the experiences of the women that Mothers of Africa supports.

Maggie said:

We take it for granted in the developed world that we will have doctors and midwives available to make sure our babies are brought safely into the world, and that if things go wrong, something will be done to put it right.

After my own experience of childbirth, where things could have so easily gone wrong hadn’t I had immediate access to the best medical care, I knew I had to play some part in ensuring women across the world had improved access to maternal care.

The students have been so engaged in the project which has been fantastic. It’s been great to see them put their skills to such good use and raise awareness of this very worthy charity ahead of International Women’s Day.

Anyone wishing to learn more about the project can contact Maggie on or visit her blog