Revealed: 37% of office workers surveyed believe that the ability to work from home should be mandatory.

With COVID restrictions now fully lifted, many businesses are working at getting their staff back into the office environment.

However, throughout the past two years, workers have become accustomed to working from home, swapping the office for their living room and in-person meetings for online video calls! 

As a result, with restrictions gone, many businesses are beginning to introduce the method of hybrid working. 

That’s why Moneypenny has surveyed office workers in order to gain a better understanding of their outlook on returning to the office and whether there is a desire to continue working from home.

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Revealed: UK office workers’ desire for the hybrid working model is on the rise post-lockdown

From 2020, a large portion of UK office-based businesses have been forced to operate from home, as a result, many people have become comfortable but remained productive when working in their own study space. 

Now with restrictions fully lifted, staff are being invited back into the office but many would prefer the choice over where they complete their work. 

With more and more businesses now making the return back into the office, Moneypenny has surveyed 1,000 UK office workers to gain an idea of their attitudes towards returning to fixed office hours. 

With the abundance of work that has been completed from home over the past two years, it’s interesting to see an expectation develop for this to continue, despite the easing of restrictions.

Of the 1000 surveyed, over a third (37%) of office workers believe that the ability to work from home should be mandatory.

Next, office workers were quizzed on the importance of working from home, to try and gain an understanding of whether having more freedom of choosing where they work is the most important work benefit to employees.

30% believed the ability to work from home to be the most important workplace benefit. 

Lastly, office workers were asked whether the perk of having the choice of working from home was something their employers already offered.

Of the 1000 workers surveyed, 31% reported currently having the freedom to choose to work from home, leaving a massive 69% office workers without this benefit.

This number is quite substantial, especially when considering 37% of those surveyed believe it should be mandatory.

It’s safe to say from the survey results, office workers post-lockdown are demanding the freedom of choosing where they carry out their work. 

 As many businesses continue to reopen their offices, a way around this could be to offer hybrid working to their employees, a method that many businesses have already rolled out across the country.

Hybrid working could be used to slowly ease workers back into the office environment while providing the flexibility so many workers desire.