Aerial view of Rhyl in Wales - United Kingdom

Town Centre footfall figures for the year of 2022 show that Rhyl’s town centre has seen an increase in footfall of 111,400 when compared to the figures from 2021.

Rhyl’s town centre footfall figure for 2021 was 739,263, with the number for 2022 being 850,663.

Footfall is the number of people entering a shop or shopping area in a given time and has been shown to be an accurate indicator of how busy a town or city is over certain periods of time. Footfall figures are gathered from each town and city based upon the number of people passing by an electronic sensor each day.

Footfall statistics are released a year later, meaning the 2023 statistics will be available next year.

Rhyl’s busiest quarter of last year was Quarter 3 (July to September) with the footfall figures showing 227,229. Quarter 3 is one of the most popular times for visitors and tourists, with events like the ever-popular Rhyl Air Show also drawing in huge crowds each year.

Councillor Jason McLellan, Leader and Lead Member for Economic Growth & Tackling Deprivation said:

“It is great to see that Rhyl’s town centre numbers are up once again.

To see that over three quarter of a million people visited Rhyl’s town centre last year is really encouraging.

Rhyl is an exciting place to visit and live in, with many things to do and see, and I am glad that the figures reflect that also. We are working hard on a number of projects to help improve Rhyl’s offer to both visitors and residents alike”.