Neath Port Talbot Council has unveiled its recently revised Corporate Safeguarding Policy.

It sets out responsibilities for every directorate and service across the council in relation to safeguarding and protecting children and adults.

The revised policy spells out how the council can be assured effective practices are in place to support people young and old to live their life free from harm, abuse and neglect in a wide range of settings: home, school, learning environments, peer/friendship groups, neighbourhoods, communities and online.

The policy was introduced to members of Neath Port Talbot Council’s Social Services, Housing and Community Safety Cabinet Board on Thursday, December 15th, 2022.


An officers’ report to the Cabinet Board said: “Safeguarding and protecting children and adults is a priority for Neath Port Talbot Council. In this policy, safeguarding is defined as ‘preventing and protecting children and adults at risk from abuse or neglect and educating those around them to recognise the signs and dangers.’

“The term ‘Corporate Safeguarding’ describes the arrangements in place that a council makes to ensure all of its employees play their part in safeguarding and promoting the wellbeing of children and adults who may be at risk of harm.

“Everyone – employees, volunteers, councillors and others – have a role to play in protecting children and adults from harm, whether this is inside or outside the home. It is the council’s responsibility to ensure that staff, volunteers and contractors are aware of safeguarding in their day-to-day work for the council and know when and how to raise concerns.”


Cabinet Member for Adult Social Services and Health, Cllr Jo Hale, said: “I welcome this revised report – while the Social Services Directorate leads on dealing with concerns that people may be at risk of harm, everyone has a responsibility to safeguard the well-being of adults and children who may be at risk whatever their role.

“The policy covers all functions and services of the council and applies to all council employees, elected members, foster carers, individuals undertaking work placements, volunteers and anyone carrying out work on behalf of the council, including independent contractors.”


Cllr Sian Harris, Cabinet Member for Children and Family Services, added: “This policy is designed to protect some of the most vulnerable people in our communities. All children and adults have a right to be protected from abuse, neglect and other forms of harm regardless of their age, disability, gender, racial heritage, religious belief, sexual orientation or identity.

“The revised policy makes it clear everyone here is responsible for safeguarding and it aims to ensure all connected with the council know how and where to report concerns and that they will be alert to any signs that people may be at risk.”


The revised policy can be seen here: