If you’re an active trader, you’ll know the importance of having the right tools, systems and insights to guide your investments and facilitate your executions. Managing portfolios across multiple assets and markets has always been tricky, but that’s about to change with the launch of a new platform called Tradu.

What is Tradu?

It’s the newest arrival to the trading scene, drawing lots of attention from investors and competitors across the board. Tradu is essentially a multi-asset trading platform, backed by leading global investment company, Jefferies.

Users will be able to benefit from widespread access to more than 10,000 tradeable assets, all on one single platform. This means you buy and sell on the crypto, forex, stock, commodity and other markets without needing to manage multiple accounts from different providers.

Thomas Felber, Tradu’s Crypto Product Director, commented on the platform’s crypto offering:

“Our crypto platform begins with a spot exchange and derivatives, offering a range of order types – from market and limit orders to stop-loss and take-profit options. Clients can select from two fee models and benefit from trade execution costs as low as 5bps, thanks to institutional liquidity.”

“We have plans to expand the platform, too, including additional services without compromising top-tier security measures or regulatory standards. And all customer funds and assets are 1:1 backed.”

Crypto is an increasingly important method of portfolio diversification for investors and fund managers alike, but there’s still uncertainty around legislation, volatility and long-term prospects. Thomas Felber gave his thoughts on how Tradu would help users manage these risks:

“While crypto is rapidly gaining traction, Tradu aims to be a stable provider, focused on offering diversified financial products and services that cater to evolving client needs, ensuring long-term relevance and utility. As regulatory landscapes mature, we aim to broaden our service offerings both for our retail clientele and our institutional customer base.”

“Here, staking and diversification within the crypto asset class will play a vital role in education and providing the customer with relevant trading data. They’re key focus areas for us while enhanced UX and cross-silo integrations are also priorities for adding value for our customers.”

What else will Tradu offer?

Crypto functionality is a key feature of Tradu, but it will also offer unparalleled access to a broad range of tradeable assets and markets. You can expect to buy shares with a $1 flat fee, choose from more than 100 commodities and benefit from zero commission on leveraged products. There’s plenty more to discover on Tradu, so get started on the platform today.