SCISYS/Welsh Government: Transform Registers of Common Land, Town or Village Greens

Following a competitive procurement exercise SCISYS UK Ltd., has been chosen as the Welsh Government’s preferred software supplier to enable the on-going implementation of the Commons Act 2006. The SCISYS software will enable the development and introduction of electronic registers for common land and town or village greens throughout Wales. The Commons Act 2006 was introduced to protect common land from development, allow more sustainable management of common land and to improve the protection of common land from neglect and abuse.

“The Welsh Government is committed to protecting its common land both now and for future generations. Electronic registers, enabled by our software, will transform user access allowing them to search and browse the registers online for the first time,” said David Pegg, Head of Government & Emergency Services at SCISYS.

SCISYS is a supplier of specialist software systems, solutions and support services that operates in a broad spectrum of market sectors, including government, defence, media & broadcast, space, transport and utilities. SCISYS clients are predominantly blue-chip and public-sector organisations.

SCISYS was awarded this contract by the Welsh Government as the company specialises in working with public sector organisations and has proven expertise in developing tailored professional services and technology solutions to successfully overcome critical business problems. Additionally, with regard to this particular project covering the further implementation of The Commons Act 2006, SCISYS has considerable experience in delivering geospatial applications for a range of public sector clients.

The current registers were established under the Commons Registration Act 1965. Anyone wishing to view or search the registers has to make an appointment with their local authority to view the paper-based registers and associated maps.

The Commons Act 2006 includes a new provision allowing the creation of digital registers and maps leading to the decision by Welsh ministers to develop and introduce electronic registers in Wales.

To gather both spatial and textual register data the SCISYS bespoke software solution will deploy Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) compliant OSGeo open-source tools within a Microsoft .NET framework.

The proposed solution will transform user access to the registers allowing members of the public to search and browse the registers online for the first time. It will also provide a range of other benefits including a standard data management system, more efficient processes and instant information to support the management and protection of common land in the future. Crucially the electronic registers will preserve the data currently held in ageing and fragile paper registers.

The electronic registers will also provide a range of other benefits including more efficient processes, instant access to information supporting agricultural payments and an early and effective response to any future animal disease outbreak on common land.

“The SCISYS solution fits perfectly with the Welsh Government’s digital-first approach and importantly its portal will be in both English and Welsh ensuring compliance with the Welsh Language Standards,” Pegg concluded.