Some of the most popular Google searches during lockdown

The internet is currently being used more than ever in Wales and the United Kingdom as a result of the national lockdown.

With people somewhat forced to stay at home and many more people working from home than at any previous time in the country’s history, the internet has been a requirement for both people’s jobs and entertainment.

Google is the most popular search engine and publishes real time top search query data on its free website, Trends. We have been keeping a close eye on what people are searching the internet for, as any good news site does, and here are four of the most popular keywords we have identified over the first two months of 2021:


A Glitch In the Matrix

Recipient of mixed reviews, the documentary A Glitch in the Matrix has received lots of Google Searches since being published last month.

Available on Amazon Prime, filmmaker Rodney Ascher questions “are we living in a simulation?”. He tries to use scientific explanations in his answers, though many have called them into question.

The director of Room 237 and The Nightmare uses archival footage, compelling interviews and a collection of cases from some of our most iconoclastic figures in contemporary culture during a near two-hour documentary that has got everyone talking this year.


Online Casino

With the majority of those still working during the pandemic working from home and simply limited to socialising in person, online games and entertainment have been at the top of people’s search list, oftentimes during their work hours.

If the online casino industry wasn’t already in a boom period this millennium, the closure of brick-and-mortar venues means fans cannot visit the best UK casinos for the time being.

Add in advancements in technology that allow people to play the games from their PCs, Laptops and mobile devices, on top of a better-than-ever WiFi connection, and no surprise that 2021 has been the most popular year for online casino games to date.


Premier League

It will come as little to no surprise for many of you that the English Premier League ranks among the top searches many days of the year in Wales, particularly on weekends and midweek where there is action on.

Manchester City are currently winning the English topflight with an 11-point lead over rivals Manchester United. The season is due to finish in May, with the Citizens looking for a domestic treble.

Champions League

Another search query that shot to the top last month was the UEFA Champions League as the Round of 16 kicked off. The final of this competition, set to take place in May, is usually the biggest event watched on television on a yearly basis – now superseding the NFL Super Bowl.

With Manchester City, Chelsea and Liverpool all left in the competition it is little surprise that it has a lot of interest from British viewers currently. Germany’s Bayern Munich are the defending champions.