Sport Betting Terms That You Should Know About

Do you like sports betting? It is a fun activity that many people enjoy doing. If you are interested in sports betting, then there are some terms that you should know about. This article will cover the sport betting terms that you need to know about and how they can help your performance in sports gambling!

Settled And Unsettled Bets

A settled bet means that the bookmaker you’ve placed a bet with determines the result of that bet whether it is a winner or a loser. This, of course, has to be checked. You should learn how to check Bet365 settled bets because the last thing you want is to not know if your bet has been settled or not. This will help you with your game a lot.

An unsettled bet, however, is a different story. This means that the bookmaker has yet to determine the result of the game and it’s still up in the air. So what happens if you have placed an unsettled bet? If for some reason your bet is voided, then your stake money will be refunded back to you. However, if the game does go ahead and ends in a draw (or canceled), then your wager will become void as well with no refunds given. That’s why it’s important to always check whether a bet is settled or unsettled because you definitely want any surprises down the line!

Money Line

This term represents the money that you are risking to win. Using the money line, sports bettors can choose whether they want to risk more money in hopes of winning a greater amount or less money for smaller gains. For example, if you were to place $100 on Kansas City Royals at -150 odds against Chicago White Sox with +140 odds, your money line would be KC (-150) vs. CWS (+140). This means that you will have to put up an additional $500 in order to make only $50 by betting over the total set at 11 runs.

Spread Betting

Spread betting means that you are betting on the spread, which is a point difference between the two teams playing. For example, if Team A is playing Team B and the spread is set at -0.25 for Team A, this means that Team A needs to win by more than 0.25 points in order to cover the spread and give you a winning bet. If they only win by 0.24 points or less, then your bet would be considered a loss.

The opposite is true if you were to bet on Team B; in this instance, you would be betting that Team B will beat Team A by more than 0.25 points (or more). So if the final score was team A: 21Team B: 20 then you would have won your spread bet because Team B beat them by more than 0.25 points, as the spread was -0.25 for Team A and they only lost by one point (Team B’s final score of 20 is greater than 21).

Here are some examples of spread betting:

  • spread betting on the Super Bowl
  • spread betting on the NCAA tournament
  • spread betting on NFL games
  • spread betting on NBA games
  • spread betting on Major League Baseball (MLB) games
  • spread betting on the NHL Stanley Cup Finals
  • spread betting on horse racing


This may be the most important term you will learn when it comes to sports betting odds. Most people are aware of odds, but they don’t understand them or how to use them. Odds represent the chances that something is going to happen, and different odds mean different things for a bettor.

Odds are typically shown as numbers from -100/100 down to +200/-200 in increments of 100 points. If someone has 20/21 odds then their chance at winning is -105 because there are 105 total points between both teams involved with each point being worth $1010 (including your original wager). This means if you place one unit on this outcome ($1010) and win, you would receive two units back plus your initial wager so you would have a total of $3010.

If the odds on a game are -110 then that means the sportsbook has determined that there is an even chance that either team will win. This is also called a “pick’em” or “50/50” proposition and means you would break even if you bet on either side.

One thing to remember when looking at odds is that they always represent what will happen if the game goes to 100% completion. So, for instance, in baseball odds may be shown as -105 for Moneyline bets (the team who wins gets your original wager plus another 105 units), but since games don’t go to completion and most end with one team winning, odds are typically shown as -105 for all outcomes (win/loss).


The parlay is generally the highest risk and rewards bet available in bookmaking. It has an accumulator-style payout structure but with no reduction in losses. For example, were you to place $100 on three different outcomes all at odds of evens (you would be paid out double), this parlay will pay around $300 once they are all successful, not bad!

There are typically restrictions placed upon parlays for obvious reasons so shop around when looking to place one as some operators allow unlimited parlays while others have limits in place. Parlays become less favorable the more events you add to them, for example, if you parlayed three outcomes at odds of evens, it would pay around $300. If you increase this to four events however the same payout drops dramatically so be sure to shop around and check terms before committing!

Over And Under Betting

Over and under betting is a term used in sports betting that is not as well known as some of the other terms. It is important to know, however, because over and under bets can be very profitable.

In over and under betting, you are predicting whether the total number of points or goals scored in a game will be over or under a certain number that you choose. For example, you might bet that the total number of points scored in a game between two teams will be over or under 140. If you guess correctly, you will win your bet.


Sports betting is a fun activity where you can earn lots of money if done right. That’s why you need to know certain terms and how to place them correctly. Learn about settled and unsettled bets as well as the money line. Spread betting is another popular form and odds is a term you simply need to master to be good ad it. Parlays are the highest risk-reward bets while over and under is usually used in high-scoring sports like basketball. Learn all of them and you’ll do great once the bets are placed!