Sports does not only refer to the games that active people play outside in playgrounds, parks and beaches. With the pandemic leading to one lockdown after another, many of us are sitting at home. Some people are binging on television shows and movies one after another, some people are losing themselves in their books, some have taken up baking or learning to cook new cuisines, but for the active people, the pandemic has deprived them of their preferred hobby- sports. The gyms get closed often and the Covid-19 waves make it a bit difficult to get onto the streets and play catch without masks on. 

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So, here we are with a list of all the games you can still play at home during the pandemic to indulge the active part of you and enliven your days. Don’t forget that playing games at home is also a great bonding activity that you can engage in.

Instead of sitting glued to your laptop all day everyday, just go through this list, pick what you fancy and try it out now!



A really fantastic and competitive game, carrom can be played both individually or in teams. You just need a carrom board, a couple of strikers and the pack of round pieces that you need to bag in order to win. And quite frankly, most of us have a carrom board that is gathering dust inside our attics. This is the time to bring it out and put it to good use. It is also a great way to improve your cognitive and focusing skills and also bond with your family over some evening tea. 


Backyard Football 

Do you have sufficient space in your backyard or in your front lawn or even in your living room? Just move the sofas to one side and set up your Kipsta cage (the indoor football goal net). Et voila! You are all set to go. You can practise your goalkeeping skills or your skills as a striker and if you can rope in a couple of your family members, then you can also go ahead and have a friendly little match with them. 


Table Tennis 

Come on, this one must have crossed your mind at least once while you are stuck at home. And, you don’t even need a table tennis table to enjoy this game. What you need is a smooth kitchen table and a roll-net that you just have to carefully place in the middle of the table. Then, just get yourself another interested family member and have a match. Isn’t that fun?


Hoola Hooping 

We all know what hoola hoops are, right? These dynamic rings made of plastic are really fun to play with as well, especially if you have been playing with them since you were a kid. If you do not know how to use the hoola hoops, just get on YouTube and you will be flooded with informative videos that will teach you in a jiffy. And once you know how, you can take part in some fun fitness and show your family as well.


Which are you going to try out? Let us know!