Talented choir in fine voice and booming after national competition victory

A TALENTED choir are in fine voice and going from strength to strength after winning a national singing contest.

Welsh language learners representing Coleg Cambria emerged victorious in the Welsh Learners Choir Competition at the recent National Eisteddfod, held in Boduan, Gwynedd.

Among the songs performed by Cor Cambria was popular hymn, Calon Lan.

The college’s Music lecturer Tim Heeley congratulated the group on their achievement.

“Having learnt Welsh as an adult myself, competing at the Eisteddfod was fundamental to me developing an understanding of the culture of Wales, as well as an opportunity to use the language,” said Tim.

“It was so much fun to bring a group of adult Welsh learners together and share the journey as some of them are nearly fluent, while some had only recently moved to Wales and singing in Boduan was their first experience of the language.”

He added: “After some gentle encouragement – a number of the choir were nervous about the experience – I think they might be hooked on the Eisteddfod now and want to do it again!

“Hopefully it will help motivate them to continue to use and improve their Welsh language skills – well done to you all.”

Their first-place finish came as Cambria Yale student Rufus Edwards, from Bersham, won the Instrumental Blue Ribbon (Rhuban Glas) just days before he achieved A*s in Music and Politics, and an A in English Literature at A Level, securing a place to begin a degree in Music at Oxford University.

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