In the beginning of 2022, medical tourism has restarted after the strict COVID-19 travel restrictions. Healthcare systems have shifted from issues of the pandemic to scheduled treatment and are now able to admit foreign citizens. Regardless of the cause that makes you seek treatment abroad, you will for sure find what you need. To see the comprehensive list of hospitals abroad and make an appointment worldwide, visit the official Booking Health website.

How to choose the medical center

If you have no idea of which healthcare facility it is better to choose, you should consider the following indicators:

  • Specialization (you may choose a separate specialized center or department at the multidisciplinary hospital)
  • Number of performed diagnostic and therapeutic procedures (e.g. when you look for a certain surgery)
  • Success rates
  • Safety, level of complications
  • How often the equipment is updated
  • Availability of clinical trials
  • Level of comfort during the hospitalization

You can find this information on the official websites (but be aware of possible coloring the truth), patients’ forums, and from the certified medical tourism providers.

Hospitals with the highest success rates

There is no a single hospital that is the best in all medical spheres, but here we will mention ones with the most outstanding success rates:

  • Charite University Hospital Berlin
  • University Hospital Heidelberg
  • University Hospital Frankfurt-am-Main
  • University Hospital of Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich
  • University Hospital Oldenburg

They employ world-renowned healthcare professionals, have the latest equipment and access to novel medications. European university hospitals offer medical solutions for complicated clinical cases and rare pathologies.

When it comes to the particular medical interventions, other ones may come to the fore. For instance, when we talk about proton therapy, these are:

  • University Hospital Essen
  • University Hospital Giessen UKGM
  • Proton Therapy Center Prague

How to estimate the cost of treatment

The financial aspect is always important for patients who want to take advantage of treatment or diagnosis of diseases abroad, as not all types of insurance cover it. The cost of the medical program is calculated individually and depends on:

  • Patient’s age
  • Main diagnosis and comorbidities
  • Diagnostic tests (for example, laboratory tests will be cheaper than PSMA-PET/CT or diagnostic cardiac catheterization)
  • Therapeutic procedures (for example, drug treatment is often less expensive than surgery)
  • Need for hospital admission
  • Type of the ward (single, double, high comfort)
  • Level of the medical center and the status of the attending physician

Before arriving, you can find the approximate prices on the Booking Health website. It is also worth planning the expenses for flights, accommodation and meals, etc.

Traveling abroad for treatment

Comprehensive organization of treatment abroad is the essence of Booking Health work. Booking Health is the certified provider of medical tourism (certificate ISO 9001:2015) that works with patients from over 75 countries. The company’s specialists take into account the religious, ethnic, gender and other peculiarities of people from different countries.

Booking Health offers:

  • Evidence-based hospital selection
  • Urgent appointments, skipping long waiting lists
  • Information about the latests treatment options
  • Favorable costs without additional fees for foreigners
  • Independent monitoring of your medical program
  • Translation of medical reports
  • Help with visa issuing, flights, transfer, accommodation
  • Services of an interpreter
  • And much more

Contact Booking Health to start your treatment at the best world’s healthcare facilities.