When you are using the famous streaming service, HBO Max, there are a lot of great series and movies to choose from. We have listed a few movies we think you should have a look at, and we believe we have managed to pick out something that will suit everyone.


While there are tons of great movies on HBO Max, you may want some other kind of entertainment. Have a look at thepunterspage.com/ if you need something else. Anyways, let’s have a  look!


1. The Shining

One of many classics, like The Godfather, that you will find on this streaming service. This is one of the scariest movies. It is a great fit for Halloween, or if you need a bit of excitement.


2. Oslo

This film portrays a story about the Oslo Accords of 1993. This great drama was created in 2021 with Ruth Wilson as the lead. This movie is a must-see.


3. The Suicide Squad

The sequel, and a kind of precursor to what will be universe-building with Harley Quinn and co. For a successful film, you have to see if you enjoyed the first movie.


4. Wonder Woman 1984

If you’re one of those who did not go to the movies in 2020, you may have missed the Wonder Woman sequel that took place in 1984. Now you can see it on HBO Max.


5. Tenet

A secret agent forms a single word as a weapon and was sent to prevent the beginning of World War III. He must travel through time and bend the laws of nature to succeed in his mission.


6. Dune

You can now watch this brand-new movie on the streaming service. Smart and good science fiction. A great story and a great cast.


7. Zak Snyders Justice League

A remix of the movie that got an undeserved bad reputation. A very good, but also very long superhero film. The 2021 edition is clearly better than the original edition.


8. Mortal Kombat

We can say right away that this is not an Oscar nominee, but it’s very entertaining. A 2021 upgrade of Mortal Kombat that probably the audience liked better than the critics.


9. Godzilla vs King

This brand new monster movie has Alexander Skarsgård and Millie Bobby Brown, but the 2021 movie has first and foremost two very large monsters.


10. No Sudden Move

This film from 2021 is directed by Steven Soderbergh. Don Cheadle and Benicio Del Toro star.