Industrial warehouses and factories can often be a target for thieves, so ensuring that you have adequate security measures in place to protect your business from unwanted visitors when you are open and when your business shuts for the day is imperative.

With crime figures stating that supply bottlenecks are increasing warehouse and storage facility thefts to almost half of the 2020 total European inventory theft statistics, simply having a perimeter fence is no longer enough. Your business will be less likely to become a victim when it protects stock and materials using more effective security measures to protect inventory and staff from attack by vehicles breaching the perimeter or thieves who may resort to violence to get what they want. 

High-quality gates and fencing are only a minimal security measure for many businesses. They will be better protected by taking additional measures to protect their premises and ensure that stock, materials and staff are safe.

Evaluating the effectiveness of your perimeter security

Look at the measures you have in place already – you may have fencing, but is it sufficient? High-security barriers, mobile vehicle barriers, bollards and sliding gates are just some measures a business can add to make getting into their premises more difficult for unauthorised visitors. Hörmann is one such company that offers high-quality perimeter and building security solutions to support businesses in protecting their work site, which, when used alongside the other measures we mention below will improve overall security:

Are there any weak points?  – Pay attention to nearby buildings and trees that can help thieves climb or access your premises from next door. Are there gaps in security coverage or broken fencing that gives them easy access? Blind spots can be covered without needing direct camera line sight through a range of security measures that will trigger alarms when intruders make their attempts.

Draw a plan – You will likely require a range of solutions for perimeter security, and it’s essential to understand the scope of options available to ensure that money is wisely spent. Commercial security is a business asset cost that could save you money (even when insured, you will face costly disruption, lost production, and higher insurance bills in the future. The better protected you are, the less likely you will face the consequences of losing valuable business assets. Having the best perimeter security systems in place will give your workers a safer working environment, both when they are on the premises from crime and to protect their livelihood from the disruption that thieves and lost goods cause to production and business finances.

Perimeter security measures to stop your factory or warehouse from being a theft target

Some options you may want to consider could include:

CCTV and microwave barriers –Thieves will find a way if you let them, so ensuring that dead zones and permitted areas out of sight of a camera are covered, with microwave emission monitoring, there is no need for direct lines of vision.


Sliding gates – that only open for authorised visitors and automatically close to allow warehouse and factory-permitted traffic to pass through.


Bollards – will help prevent vehicles from getting dangerously close to your building, and can be fitted as permanent bollards, combined with matching appearance raise and lower bollards to allow access on demand.


High-security barriers – including bollards, tyre killers or road blockers- can be operated with custom controls to protect entrances requiring maximum security, temporarily or permanently.


Electrostatic or Seismic activity sensors – these act by either detecting a change in an electric field, using conductors and grounding wires or vibrations caused when an area is breached to activate an alarm and alert security teams.


Cable fence disturbance sensors – a microphone cable directly monitors the perimeter fencing so that any attempts to climb or cut the fencing sounds are picked up, and an alarm is triggered.


The solution you choose to employ will depend on a variety of factors. However, being aware of the options you have will ensure you are able to make the best decision for your premises.