Bingo has been around for about a century although it’s loosely based on even earlier lottery-style games. Among the modern ways of playing, Slingo has emerged as an interesting option that has evolved into a new genre with its roots in bingo and slots but how has it evolved to provide completely new ways of playing?

Source: Pexels

New Themes and Presentation Styles

The basic idea with Sligo is that the player gets a set of random numbers on each spin, which are then matched with the numbers on the main grid. When a full line of numbers is matched this becomes a completed slingo, with prizes available based on the number of slingos on the grid.

From that basic starting point, we can see a large variety of Slingo games for real money covering many themes. Slingo Constitution Hill has a horse racing style while Slingo Stampede is based on wild animals and Slingo Cleopatra has an Ancient Egyptian feel. Others like Slingo Money Train are based on popular slots to further add to the feeling that this genre is the bridge between slots and bingo.

Added Features

From the starting point of matching numbers to complete winning, the developers of these fast-paced casino games have added extra features that make them increasingly varied. Going back to the Constitution Hill title, this version incorporates a horse racing game where you pick one and look to see if it completes the track first to earn you a prize. The popularity of horse racing in Wales and the selection of top-class racetracks here means that this game may catch the eye of Welsh players.

Slingo Capital Gains is based on a slot of the same name, with special symbols that can lead to a bonus where the player opens a vault. In Slingo China Shores, the gameplay includes the chance to play some traditional slot spins for extra prizes. The emergence of features like these has made the bingo roots of Slingo less obvious at first sight, but completing winning lines is still an important part of the gameplay.

Source: Pexels

What Comes Next?

The history of bingo in Wales shows that it was one of our most popular games from the 1960s through the following decades. Bingo halls across the country were once at the heart of our social lives but many of them have been closed for years, with plans in place to redevelop them into shopping centres or apartments in many places. This example from Pontypridd Town Centre shows how the former bingo hall is being transformed into an open space. Therefore, Slingo has come along to provide a viable alternative within an online community.

The recent evolution of the Slingo genre has given us a glimpse of how these games should continue to change from now on. It seems likely that more new themes will be added, increasing the appeal to a wider group of potential players who find that a certain title interests them and encourages them to give it a try. Anyone who enjoyed playing bingo in the past should soon feel at home with these games.

New features should also continue to arrive, with bonus rounds and additional ways of forming wins. This may make Slingo edge closer to slots in nature although the bingo aspect is so deeply ingrained that it will continue to remain a vital part of the gameplay.