Wimbledon is one of the most traditional tennis tournaments in the entire circuit. You can explore a great live score & kabaddi live match on the 1xBet website, where tennis matches can also be wagered.

Players are expected to follow a strict code of conduct while participating on the tournament, which includes things like:


  • all players must dress entirely on white;
  • everybody is expected to display an exemplary behavior;
  • and also, the use of swear words is absolutely forbidden.


At 1xBet there are kabaddi & tennis live matches, which are also accompanied by live scores and the best odds in the entire industry. Yes, players should also abstain from cursing. However, Wimbledon participants come from all over the world, from countries that use lots of different languages. How is it possible to enforce this rule?

A very special “masterclass”

Linesmen, umpires and other people directly involved with matches in Wimbledon are trained on a number of aspects. By the way, if you like kabaddi you can visit https://1xbet.in/line/kabaddi in order to wager on this sport, and it can also be used to explore tennis betting opportunities.

One of the aspects in which these people are also trained are in swear words. That’s right, umpires and linesmen are taught insults and swear words in basically every possible language. Having learned this valuable knowledge, officials are fully ready to enforce the rule. The 1xBet online betting platform can always be used to wager on players who use “beautiful words” while playing.

No matter where a particular player comes from or what his native language is. If he swears as a sign of frustration, most likely an official will understand the word and inform the appropriate tournament authorities. After that, fines or other kinds of punishments will be applied to the offender.

Some of the “offenders”

There have been many players that have been fined due to the use of “inappropriate language” during the tournament. In the 1xBet section dedicated to tennis betting: get the best odds and value! and use all of this for claiming fantastic rewards.

British player Heather Watson has been reprimanded on a number of occasions because of her “beautiful language”. Serena Williams has also been fined more than once for the same reason.

However, one of the most frequent offenders in recent years has been Australian player Nick Kyrgios. One of the funniest episodes happened in the 2022 edition of the tournament. He was fined $4,000 because he used swear words in front of the Royal Box, where part of the British Royal Family was watching him. At 1xBet you can get the best tennis betting odds and value when wagering on highly competitive tournaments like Wimbledon.