WordPress releases updates to its core version from time to time. With every update comes the same question from clients: Should I update my WordPress to the latest version? And every time, our answer is a huge yes!

There are several benefits to updating your WordPress to the latest version. In this post, we look at some of the top benefits of updating your WordPress CMS.


The biggest reason to update the WordPress core is to protect your website against attacks from hackers.

As WordPress is open-source, hackers could learn the code to find vulnerabilities. What’s more, with every update, WordPress provides release notes, outlining what has been changed and fixed. Hackers can leverage these known vulnerabilities to compromise your website.

In short, when you are using an older version of WordPress, your website is vulnerable.

Latest Features

With every major release, WordPress offers new updates and features, which help improve the performance and user experience of your website.

Past improvements include a redesigned plugin directory, and a completely new editing tool called the block editor. In effect, updating WordPress is sure to improve your ability to add new content to your website.

Bug Fixes

Just like any software, WordPress also has bugs. So, despite all the testing that every major release goes through, WordPress bugs may find their way. That’s where minor WordPress releases (such as 6.2.1) play an important role. These updates help fix glitches and bugs.

Bugs are errors in a software programme that cause it to behave in unintended ways. As a result, you may see weird errors or sudden crashes. To ensure your website runs smoothly, it’s best to fix those bugs, and that’s a huge part of each WordPress update.

Faster Page Load Speed

Your website’s page load speed plays a crucial role in keeping your visitors happy. Today’s online users are impatient. And every extra second that your website takes to load will increase your bounce rate.

Outdated versions of WordPress tend to run slowly. Worse, yet, they may not work properly at all. This can put off your visitors, thereby affecting your bounce rate, conversions and brand image.

On the other hand, an updated WordPress version boasts improved performance and faster page load time. This will ensure your website is fast and responsive.

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