The Latest Trends in Business Surveillance Technology for Welsh Businesses

While security has always been important for businesses, recent reports suggest investing in security technologies may be more important now than ever before. It’s believed that almost 30% of business owners have seen a rise in physical security incidents in recent years, with over 90% of surveyed employers expecting incidents to become more frequent in the future.

Though these statistics may seem a little shocking, modern businesses have plenty of tools at their disposal to defend against common threats. From AI-powered CCTV cameras to remote controlled security doors, it’s now surprisingly easy to create bespoke smart security systems. To learn more, let’s look at the latest trends in business surveillance technology for Welsh businesses.

AI video analytics software

AI has quickly become one of the most talked about technologies in recent times, though for the most part, the focus has been on generative AI systems commonly used in image and text generation tools. It may surprise some business owners to learn that AI programs can now be used to improve business security systems, mainly via automated threat detection.

Commercial security camera systems equipped with built-in AI video analytics software are able to autonomously detect common security threats, for example, crowds forming in unusual areas or persons carrying contraband items. Once detected, security staff can be notified remotely and instructed to analyse captured footage to engage an appropriate response.

Cloud-based security management

Business owners are able to harness the power of AI-informed security cameras thanks to advancements in cloud-based technologies. In modern security systems, multiple hardware devices such as cameras, alarms and access control systems can be connected to a wider cloud management system, enabling staff to view and adjust devices from a remote location.

By simply logging into a management portal from any secure smart device, business owners and security staff are able to access active devices at any time. In addition, automated alerts can be programmed to ensure admins are immediately notified of suspicious behaviours.

Internet of Things (IoT) integrations

Alongside remote monitoring functionality, cloud-based security management systems can be developed to perform automated incident responses. IoT sensors and actuators can be integrated into existing security hardware and used to control select devices via wireless communications. This allows business owners to program triggers for key security devices.

For example, IoT motion sensors can be used to trigger alarms and flag recorded camera footage if movement is detected after hours, or IoT sound sensors can be programmed to trigger wider devices if sounds consistent with a break-in are detected. Business owners and security admin can be notified remotely, helping teams measurably improve response times.

Mobile access control systems

Finally, it appears that more businesses are investing in mobile access control solutions to better monitor access events. Investigating suspected break-ins or internal theft incidents can be difficult if businesses use traditional locks, as access events are not automatically recorded. Mobile systems rectify this through the use of traceable digital access credentials.

Authorised staff are issued personalised digital credentials straight to their mobile phones, with each access event automatically recorded in a virtual access log. If a suspicious event occurs, employers can simply review these access logs to investigate further, with options to revoke affected credentials instantly if they’re deemed to have been compromised or stolen.

Protecting Welsh businesses with modern surveillance equipment

As many Welsh employers prepare for a potential rise in physical security threats, smart business owners are taking the time to upgrade outdated technologies. With support from AI-powered security cameras, cloud-based management systems, IoT devices and mobile access control solutions, employers can measurably improve existing incident responses.

By ensuring that chosen security admins are immediately notified of suspicious events, able to adjust active devices and supported via automatic security responses, Welsh businesses can better protect themselves and their employees from a vast majority of physical threats.