The launch of Tencil – a new career guidance app for young people

Government bodies in Wales, several Welsh MPs and corporates including a top-four accountancy firm and a bank are among those backing a new app launched by a Welsh entrepreneur with the aim of normalising career guidance and planning at a much earlier age.


Tencil has been launched by Joel Williams, a digital marketing expert currently working at TikTok, who has launched the app from his home of Carmarthenshire, which has already partnered with more than 200 businesses.


Tencil’s aim is to encourage young people to consider different professional careers at a much young age and then partner then on that journey. The app’s artificial intelligence partner’s the soft skills of young adults with the traits required to excel in different professions.


The idea is that Tencil normalises the idea of thinking about careers from the age of 13. Young people using the app would be able to access quality content, provided by companies that support the app, informing and educating them about certain career paths – and what is required to achieve their dreams. The app can then be used as an ongoing resource to guide them on that journey.


Several MPs including Ben Lake, MP for Ceredigion, have both praised the app while careers services in Wales are interested in rolling out its use in schools across Wales in 2022.


Williams’ inspiration for the app came from his mother, who was a teacher, and his uncle, who owned a digital marketing business. He notes that research shows a high percentage of young people (more than 90% by age 14) know what their dream job would be and what career they would like to pursue. Tencil will make these dreams become a reality.


Williams said:


“Tencil was born out of the need to both provide opportunities to talented yet undiscovered young adults and to provide a much-needed diversity in the professional world. According to Payscale (2020), 91% of young adults know what dream job they would like, Tencil will make these dreams become a reality. Tencil provides a philanthropic means of addressing corporate social responsibility through reaching out to all young adults. 


“We already have partnerships in place with local and national educational government organisations who have already included the platform into their plans to diversify young adults’ learning. Our platform tackles the need to incorporate and normalise careers into the education system from a young age and bridges the gap for young adults looking to enter a professional industry.


“Through our partnerships, young adults will be educated on opportunities in their local community and enterprise multinational companies. With over 200 businesses signed up to the app and sharing educational content, we are ticking a need to diversify all industries. We plan to expand into global territories from 2022. At the heart of our business model is our aim of giving young adults from all parts of society a level playing field.”