The Most Crucial Factors You Should Think about when Selecting a Virtual Assistant

It’s rare for entrepreneurs and professionals to find some extra time – in fact, most people who run their own business or work as executives often find themselves overwhelmed with all their responsibilities, and it often seems that there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to accomplish all they need to accomplish. This is where the expertise and services of a virtual personal assistant can come in handy – but you also need to know how to choose your virtual assistant wisely. There are various factors to consider, but the point is this: if you have a good virtual assistant, you can have peace of mind, experience less stress, and even have a good partner whom you can rely on in terms of other responsibilities in your business and personal life. But how can you choose a good one? Here are the most crucial factors you should think about when selecting a virtual assistant.

  • Professionalism

When considering a virtual personal assistant, it follows that their professionalism is a good indicator of how skilled and experienced they are. Do they promptly answer emails and voice mails? Do they answer telephone calls professionally? If they tell you they will send you a file or document, do they do it quickly? Do they speak respectfully and in a forthright and professional manner?

  • A broad set of skills

Truth be told, virtual assistants nowadays can be immensely skilled and trained. They can do many tasks and you can confidently delegate tasks to them without worrying about whether they can do it right or do it at all. When you are scouring around for a virtual assistant, it would help if you can write down a set of tasks that you would like your virtual assistant to do. Does your prospective virtual assistant have the skills you require? Some virtual assistants, such as those from, are even adept at more complex tasks, such as social media management, website management, and the like – if you need them to do these things, then choose accordingly.

  • A good project manager

It would also be a great benefit if your virtual assistant has expert skills in project management. Over time, you may be giving your virtual assistant more responsibilities and they may have more complex duties, and you need to find out if they can handle all those tasks. You need to be sure that they understand your deadlines and your priorities, whether it’s for your business or your personal life.

  • Skill and experience with various technology

Most entrepreneurs and business owners rely on technology for their business operations, whether it’s Microsoft Word or Quickbooks, and so on. That being said, your virtual assistant must know how to use specific software that you make use of as well. Make sure they use the same software as you do so you can easily share files. As mentioned, VAs may be able to deal with your website, too – if you have one, can do perform site maintenance? If you have an online shopping website, will they be able to manage your shopping cart? Be specific with your needs, especially in regards to technology, so you are on the same page from the beginning.


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