Wales is gaining strong popularity among students from all around the world. These are the sights that those students ranked the highest during their stay. 

Wales has so much to offer to its students. Great universities, amazing natural sights, and places of great historical significance and beauty. Young people in Wales may even find themselves struggling when choosing which sightseeing visit next. Overall, every young person in Wales may find something to their liking. Of course, the sights Wales is the most famous for are definitely the national parks and the sights with great historical importance. Though, Wales has a lot to offer within its urban areas just as outside of them. Here are some of the most popular student spots in Wales.

Cardiff Castle

Every person who has ever visited Cardiff, Wales, must have seen Cardiff Castle, even if for a brief moment. The Castle is located right in the center of the city. It is a gorgeous, perfectly preserved medieval building, which was built over a thousand years ago. Though, the history of this construction started around the 3rd century, when the Romans built their first fortifications there.

The Castle is also surrounded by plenty of other archaeological sites, like smaller castles and other buildings. You can even look for the cheapest essay writing service to find out more about the history of this castle and everything around it.

Snowdonia National Park

Whether you like hiking or not, being in nature, or prefer an urban environment, Snowdonia National Park is still the place for you. You can’t stay in Wales and not see this oasis of wild nature and mountains. Just seeing the view from some of the mountains in the park will be worth a long drive to the place. You can also enjoy a peaceful environment around Bala Lake or listen to the numerous local legends inspired by this place. After a few stories from the Snowdonia Park, you’ll need a research paper writing service to test whether King Arthur was actually Welsh or not. Overall, this place attracts thousands of hikers throughout the year, and students in Wales are no exception in that statistics.

The National Museum Cardiff

Any art student would love to learn that the National Museum in Cardiff has a lot to offer to all art lovers. This museum is a home for art pieces from Picasso, Monet, Sandro Botticelli. Rembrandt and many other famous artists. Just the Art Museum will take you hours, if not days, to explore. However, the museum also has impressive collections of various natural science disciplines, whether it is botany, zoology, or other. It also has a large archaeological section, so all history students in Wales can combine their drive for knowledge and entertainment all in one place. Overall, the National Museum in Cardiff is a real and rare treasure island for all the students in the area.

Roath Park

It’s always nice to have a long walk in nature after a long day at school. Fortunately, all Cardiff students don’t have to go too far in their search for peace and quiet. Roath Park (above) is one of the finest examples of British parks, located a short walk city center and close to many student lets. It has a variety of sections, from beautiful gardens to sports, and nice areas on both sides of the Roath Brook river. It can be a perfect place to study, spend leisure time or meet up with friends.

Ffestiniog Railway

Not so many young people get to experience travel by railroad these days. Well, the  Ffestiniog Railway in Wales is there to fix it. The Ffestiniog Railway is a very popular experience among Wales students. The railway goes through many famous natural landmarks and castles. It passes mountains and seaside towns. It is a unique way to see most of Wales’ beauty in one ride.