The Prince of Wales Bridge gets an update as artist reimagines iconic UK landmarks for 2021

severn bridge

Parkdean Resorts has reimagined some of the UK’s most famous landmarks to visualize what they would look like if they were built today, taking into account the needs of people in 2021, such as remote working, technological advancements and environmental issues.

Throughout history, landmarks have been built to remember significant events, to establish a location or to play a practical role. But how would they look if they were designed now?

The iconic Prince of Wales Bridge (formerly called simply the ‘second Severn Bridge’) is one of the landmarks to receive a redesign and has been reimagined as an eco-friendly bridge used to power the whole of Newport, bring some greenery to the area and utilise the earth’s resources for energy.

Here, this version of the Prince of Wales Bridge features:

  • Wind turbines, solar panels and tidal turbines to provide significant power to the town of Newport and reduce greenhouse gas emissions;
  • A pedestrian walkway running parallel to the road would boost the greenery and seabird life;
  • Green space within the bridge to boost tourism, create incredible views and provide an alternate walking and running route for locals.

Elsewhere in the UK, landmarks such as Glenfinnan Viaduct, the London Eye and Stonehenge have all received a redesign – addressing high-speed travel, remote working and the future of live performances respectively.

You can view all 8 reimagined landmarks here.