The world of fitness and coaching is changing, while qualifications and dedication are still important factors of a fitness career, PTs are not chained to the confines of a traditional gym or health centre. Thanks to social media and the ability to set up their own fitness hubs, clients can be taught from the PTs home, they can travel to them, or create fitness and exercise plans and coach clients remotely with weekly check-ins.

If you’re hoping to be a PT in 2021, the possibilities and business models are endless, but there are still plenty of fundamentals you need to have in place to hit the ground running, source clients and run your business successfully. Let’s take a closer look at some tips for running your PT business from home.

Tip 1: The Right Equipment

Whether you’re inviting clients to your backyard to exercise, you’re visiting them at home, or you’re meeting them in a public park, you’re going to need high-quality equipment to keep their exercise plans fresh and engaging. If you have a home setup, then a power rack from BLK BOX is a good place to start – you could also include exercise balls, battle ropes and barbells.

If you’re heading to them, then you’re going to need equipment that can easily be transported such as kettlebells, hand weights, skipping ropes and exercise mats. The quality of your equipment sends a message to your clients that you’re invested in your business and therefore, invested in their goals as much as they are!

Tip 2: The Right Qualifications

While anyone can read up on how to build muscle or use their own experience in order to coach others, it’s not recommended. Every client is different, has potential health problems and needs that must be addressed, and needs to know that they’re safe whilst exercising with you and following your plans. By obtaining the right qualifications you can keep you and your clients safe, as well as learn how to develop effective and progressive fitness plans that meet their goals. If you want to create diet plans and include nutrition within your business, then you’ll need additional qualifications.

Tip 3: A Strong Social Media Presence

PT is a saturated market, you’ll find multiple personal trainers and fitness experts in your local area alone, therefore it’s important to understand that traditional advertising will only get you so far. To set yourself apart from the competition, you might want to work on building your social media presence. Creating a strong online persona, and even building a community on multiple platforms such as Facebook and Instagram can help attract potential clients to your brand and the more clients you have, the more content you’ll be able to create!

Tip 4: A Grasp on Bookkeeping

Running your own business is hard but when you have financial obligations and tax compliance to think of. Make sure you’re on top of your bookkeeping from the outset, and reach out to an accountant, if possible, to keep you compliant!

Final Thoughts…

Think you could make it as a PT? Follow these steps above to hit the ground running.


Image credit: Pixabay