Bidding your old pair of glasses goodbye is one of the most difficult things that glasses-wearers have to do. Why? Because choosing a new pair of glasses that both fits properly and looks great is a tiring task. No one wants to spend an hour choosing and contemplating what looks and fits better.

The thing is, you do not have to if you know how to shop for glasses. We understand your troubles which is why we are here to help you out. Below we have made a list of tips that will make buying glasses easier for you.

Get a new prescription

It is recommended that you go for regular check-ups with your optometrist. However, most people avoid visiting a doctor unless they absolutely need to. Keeping a check over your prescription is a must. Therefore, it is good to make it a habit to at least get a prescription when you are changing glasses.

This will let you know whether your power has increased over time or not. Moreover, it will keep your eyeglasses updated to ensure you have proper and clear vision. So, make sure you visit your eye doctor before you get new eyeglasses.

Consider your face shape

The simplest way to guarantee that your glasses will look good on you is to consider your face shape. The truth is that there are some shapes that suit your face and some don’t. Going into a frame shop clueless will only result in hours and hours of browsing. Therefore, you should consider your face shape.

Once you know which face shape you have, all you need to do is go for the opposite shape. This is because you would want to go for glasses that complement your features. If this seems too complicated for you, all you need to do is a google search. Simpleytype “glasses for oval face” or something else, and you will get countless suggestions.

Keep your lifestyle in mind

No one would want to go for glasses that might break too early. One way to make sure that does not happen is to analyze your lifestyle while you are shopping for glasses. Your lifestyle determines both the style as well as the fit of your glasses. For instance, a sportsman would want active glasses that do not fall off their face.

You should also consider whether you are buying regular glasses or occasional ones. If you need glasses for every day, it is essential to make sure they both fit formal as well as casual events.

Double-check the fit

Always double-check the fit while you are shopping for glasses. This is not possible if you are shopping for glasses online, so it so recommended that you should check offline stores. Wear your glasses and see if they sit comfortably on your face. Check the nose bridge and see if it is neither too tight nor too loose. Moreover, also check whether the nose bridge will leave a mark or not.

Move your face around to see whether your glasses fall off or not. Check if the glasses feel tight around your head as well. It is recommended that you wear the glasses for some minutes to see how they feel before buying them.

Decide a budget

You must be wondering why you need to decide on a budget while buying glasses. Well, glasses can get pretty expensive. There are several brands that sell luxury glasses. Moreover, different styles and colors may add more to the price of your standard glasses. Therefore, it is recommended that you decide on a budget beforehand.

If you are going for everyday glasses, you should go for stylish glasses that are of high quality and are durable. On the other hand, if you are buying spare glasses, then you do not have to spend a lot on them.


Apart from these tips, you can also consider getting additions to your glasses. Embellishments, UV protections, chains, etc., are some of the options that you can go for to add a little jazz to your ordinary glasses.


Make sure you follow these tips to make the process easier for you. Remember to take care of your glasses once you have bought them. So, you do not have to repeat the whole process of choosing a good pair of glasses again.