Home renovation projects come with countless considerations – from minor decisions on the gutter covers to choose to serious ones, such as how much to set aside for the project. Often, such decisions take years to arrive at, making it necessary to make them count.
Renovation ideas are varied in that some add value to the home while others are done to improve your comfort and quality of life. A sensible homeowner should try to strike a balance between the two. These four ideas can help you find a good starting point.

1. Focus on Kitchen and Bathroom Improvements

If value addition is your goal, kitchen, and bathroom improvements will offer the highest return on investment. For the kitchen, go for open-plan designs, energy-efficient appliances, and luxury materials like quartz and marble.
When it comes to the bathroom, aim for a serene, spa-like touch. For example, did you know that a pump for the shower stimulates water flow? Under-floor heating is another feature that can do well here.

2. Get Cosy with a Log Burner or a Traditional Fireplace

A log-burning stove, a fireplace, or a multi-fuel stove are all excellent additions to your home in Wales. It adds a cosy ambiance, helping make it the new focal point. If done correctly, it can even assist in cutting down on your fuel costs, as it reduces the need to use the central heater.
For homes that have disused fireplaces, this may be the right time to restore them to their period style. If your home is much more modern, go for something newer and choose a stove design that will fit the existing décor.

3. Consider New Flooring

Even as you look into ways to modernize your flooring, don’t forget that it’s possible to increase water pressure with a booster pump. Regarding flooring in the different rooms, go with carpets for the bedrooms and avoid choosing patterned carpets. These don’t age well!
Installing wooden floorboards over carpeting will work well for other areas.

4. Make Outdoor Improvements

A home renovation project shouldn’t focus too much on the interior and forget about the outdoors. There’re many budget-friendly ideas that can help you boost your kerb appeal. For example, a leaf guard for gutters will reduce the accumulation of dirt and debris in the gutters.
Gutter guards also assist in preventing clogs and blockages in the drainage system. While at it, remember to paint the front door and to fix any broken outdoor lights. Planting more greenery can also make the home more presentable.