Top Tips for Sustainable Garden Care This Summer

Delightful gardens everywhere are bursting with life in time for a long-awaiting summer, and the hopeful horticulture enthusiasts cannot wait to find themselves amongst the flowers once more.

As environmental concerns weigh heavily on the shoulders of modern life, opting for a sustainable approach to garden maintenance is a good way to start making a positive impact on the natural world, while of course, beautifying your property.

Here are some top tips to consider for those wishing to take to the great outdoors and get your hands well and truly dirty.

Avoiding Pesticides

There are some extremely harmful chemicals found in pesticides, many of them deadly to the local wildlife, which includes any pets that might innocently start gobbling up the flowers.

To protect the local critters and the eco-system yet still scare away the nastier insects, there are a few effective, less harmful measures you can implement, such as spraying a soap solution, companion planting, or introducing predators like ladybirds to get the job done for you.

Composite Fencing Upgrades

If your fencing needed an upgrade, it might be time to think about making use of some composite materials, as this is a low-maintenance, highly robust alternative to the traditional option.

This can save yourself a great deal of time and money on repairs later on down the line, and since composite fences are made from recyclable materials, they are a sustainable option for your garden. Plus, they look nice.

For some exceptional options, it is worth checking out eComposite Products, as this can give you deeper insight into the best features to watch out for.

Don’t Forget to Mulch!

To make sure your garden soil is bursting at the seams with nutritional goodness, remembering to mulch is a must.

Great organic mulch like natural bark chippings and manure can feed the soil what it needs to support the healthy growth of wildlife, essentially making your garden much more sustainable while reducing the amount of maintenance it will need in the long run.

Make Your Own Pots

To avoid filling up your beautiful garden with dour plastic pots, why not put your creative skills to the test and start making your very own out of sustainable materials?

You could consider using quick-drying clay or upcycling old furniture and turning them into gorgeous rustic planters. From chests of drawers to old speakers, you can rest assured that with upcycling, your garden will look unique.

Make Way for the Bees

When the bee population went into decline a few years ago, many conservation experts and nature lovers alike were swept up in a panic, and quite rightly so, bees play a huge role in the entire ecosystem.

They also make gardens look wonderful with their powers of pollination, so you may want to encourage them to frequent your flowers by planting some of their favourite fauna, like foxglove and allium, hollyhocks, and geraniums.

Soon, your garden will be teeming with life and provide a picturesque, sustainable habitat for you and your local wildlife.



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