Treharris Heart Attack Survivor in Online Chat with Heart Charity

A heart attack survivor from Treharris, near Merthyr Tydfil, is taking part in a live online chat with the British Heart Foundation to help raise awareness of the risk factors which may increase the risk of developing a heart condition.

Len Drane, 60, from South Wales had a heart attack in 2004, and will talk about how tests revealed he had high cholesterol and Type 2 diabetes. He will discuss how he has changed his lifestyle following his diagnosis to maintain his health and wellbeing.

The Live & Ticking online discussion runs for an hour through Zoom. The BHF monthly event brings together a research presentation from a BHF-funded scientist alongside a BHF supporter who brings the research to life with their personal story. There’s the opportunity to submit questions to the panel during the live Q&A session.

Len Drane thought he was a fit and healthy, rugby-playing 42-year-old when he had a heart attack while playing golf in 2004.

He was rushed to Caerphilly Miners’ hospital, where he spent five days before being transferred to Cardiff’s University Hospital of Wales to be fitted with a stent to help improve blood supply to his heart. The father of three then began rehabilitation which involved exercises to strengthen his heart.

He says research funded by the BHF helped save his life.  “Anything which improves awareness and knowledge about the causes and treatments of heart attacks has to be a good thing. I am so grateful for the research which meant I got the right treatment after my heart attack, and it’s wonderful to know that research funded by the BHF today could save lives in the future.”

Associate Professor Lisa Heather from Oxford University will discuss how she and her team have identified a potential new drug that could ultimately help improve heart function in people with diabetes who have had a heart attack.

Risk factors are conditions or habits that increase your risk of developing a disease. The good news is many heart and circulatory diseases are caused by risk factors that can be controlled, treated or modified.

Head of BHF Northern Ireland, Fearghal McKinney will host the discussion will highlight some of the BHF’s latest work and research taking place across the UK. To join the event go to Live & Ticking 2022 | British Heart Foundation (