Employees at Shaw healthcare are celebrating retaining the accolade of being the largest employee-owned (EO) care provider in the UK.

Firms becoming employee-owned is an increasingly popular model for British businesses and The Employee Ownership Association (EOA) is raising awareness by releasing its Top 50 listings of the UK’s employee-owned firms on a dedicated EO day on Friday 23 June 2023.

The theme this year is #TheEOeffect and aims to showcase the impact employee ownership has on employees, business, the wider economy, communities and the environment.

Shaw, which is headquartered in Cardiff, became employee-owned in May 2020 and has a workforce of over 3,020 people. The company is celebrating its status by inviting employees across its 61 services nation-wide to bake and decorate EO themed cakes with the winner securing a prize for their care home.


Russell Brown, CEO for Shaw healthcare, expressed his pride about the EO status by commenting: “We whole-heartedly acknowledge that it’s our employees who enable Shaw to maintain an excellent level of care. The company’s success is down to our employees and we share our profits to thank them. Each full-time employee has received up to £1,350 in tax-free bonuses since setting up our Employee Owned Trust.

“We want them to feel valued and to prove this we have heavily invested in their training and development, salaries and benefits packages. We are an accredited Real Living Wage employer and we would love Shaw to be an employer of choice.”


James de le Vingne, CEO for the Employee Ownership Association, said: “Companies such as Shaw healthcare are great examples of the economic and social benefits that can be achieved when employees have a stake and a say in the business in which they work.

“Since it started 11 years ago, the reach of EO Day has skyrocketed as interest in EO has grown, reflected in the fact that the size of the sector has more than doubled in recent years.”