In a competitive job market, it can be difficult to set a footing. With thousands of candidates competing for the same position with similar backgrounds and experience, how can you show that you are unique and better than others? The first step to prove yourself as the best candidate is through your CV.

At its core, a resume is basically a personal marketing document that you design according to your skills, education, and experience. This resume circulates around prospective employers to get a job. If written and formatted well, the CV will show the recruiting manager that you are the right candidate to fill their position.

  • Ways to Make Your CV Stand Out

What are other ways that can ensure your CV is up to mark? There are multiple aspects that you need to keep in mind when creating your resume that we will discuss in this article.

  •       Strong Start

It is always advisable to start your CV with a summary of your skills and key accomplishments. This is the first thing that a recruiter will read about you and grab their attention from the outset. This summarized profile tells the recruiter who you are, what is your brief experience, making the right impression the first time.

  •       Emphasize Results Rather Than Responsibilities

Instead of just talking about your past responsibilities, it is best to emphasize the results and your achievements. Use quantifiable data and incidents that show your accomplishments. For instance, you made an accomplishment of increasing the social media engagement of your previous company. Instead of just mentioning it, say, ‘I increased social media engagement by 40% for my previous company.’ This will have a stronger impact.

  •       Customize for The Job You Want

Customize your CV according to the description of the job you are applying for. You should explain exactly why you are fit for this role. You can do this by relating your accomplishments to the elements of the job role. Employers want candidates who understand what they are looking for in the role. So, the more you demonstrate, the more chances you will have to stand out. It may take longer to amend your CV when applying for a large number of roles, but this would certainly help you land on to your dream job. All it takes is a little more effort and time. If you use a resume builder, then the process may take a little less time.

  •       Highlight Changes and Growth

Your CV should focus on how you have worked on your personal development. You should demonstrate how you have grown over the years in your roles, how you have polished your skills, and how it led to your career achievements. Through this way, the recruiter will understand that you have learned a lot from your past positions, and you are a committed professional who wants to learn and expand the skill set.

  •       Show Industry Insight

You should have an awareness of the industry that you are applying to. You will be a lot more attractive to employers when you show the recruiter that you can stay on top of trends. So, make sure you are up to date with industry trends, news, and innovations.

  •       Use Power Words

When you use powerful words to emphasize your accomplishments, it gives an additional impact on your CV. Words like adaptable, innovative, and team player are some of the examples that can set an impression on the employer. These words tend to demonstrate that you have delivered and achieved. Companies use recruitment databases that filter out candidates based on these certain words. So, make sure your job description has the right content. An advanced resume builder online provides these words according to your industry, thus helping you create a thumb-stopping CV.

 How Does an Online Resume Builder Help Create a Stunning CV?

A resume builder is a tool that helps to build a CV according to the candidates’ background and information. The resume creator tool comes with preloaded templates, and you can pick the one you find best. Some resume online free tools also offer CVs according to the industry.

For instance, if you belong to an accountancy background, you will require a decent format. However, someone belonging to a marketing department would rather need a flashy-looking CV as this is what recruiters look for. Irrespective of the industry you are in, getting yourself a well-designed CV with an online resume builder has become a piece of cake.


Creating the perfect CV is indeed a time-consuming job. Your CV allows you to show off your accomplishments and skills to the potential employer. Although resume builder tools work as a great step to creating a well-designed CV, the content inside it is what matters most.