One of South Wales’ fastest-growing fintech companies has launched its first research report. Cardiff-based company Delio analysed the attitudes of Wealth Managers across the globe to get a more in-depth insight into private markets within the industry.

Although High Net Worth investor’s interest in private markets is not a new phenomenon, the company noticed a change in conversation. While five years ago, many shied away from tapping into private markets, the company argues that industry changes have enabled Wealth Managers to embrace private markets.

Now, Wealth Managers increasingly understand the role private markets play in attracting and retaining clients. Of the Wealth Managers surveyed, 77% believe the number of private market propositions will grow in the next three to five years.

Despite this positive change in attitude, Wealth Managers named regulation, internal resources and expertise as the main contributors preventing them from evolving their offering.

Delio believes today’s technology will support people within the finance industry in overcoming these challenges. Next to facilitating transfers of holdings, technology is democratising access to alternatives. It allows better client access and resource efficiencies, ultimately, helping financial institutions stay relevant to today’s High Net Worth investors.

Gareth Lewis, Chief Executive and Co-Founder at Delio, said:

We are delighted with the positive feedback so far. The report highlights that Delio is more than a platform provider. We try to understand the needs within today’s industry better and through our technology help people within the industry, from Wealth Managers to Private Banks to Angel Networks, overcome the challenges that are stopping them from updating their offerings.

With our roots in Wales, it is encouraging to see top-tier global financial institutions contribute to our report. Companies in Wales shouldn’t be overlooked, on the contrary. With the fintech sector in Wales booming, we are proud to be a part of this growing sector and show the innovation Wales has to offer through our research.”

Delio is calling Wealth Managers to embrace private markets to keep up with competitors. Consequences of a lack of offering are already showing. One in four surveyed admitted to losing a client by ignoring this market.

Delio’s white-label platforms enable financial institutions to connect investors with private deals better. The company works closely with Corporate Financiers, Investment Bankers, Angel Networks and Family Offices and is already looking to develop further studies within the finance industry beyond. Among their clients are Barclays, ING, and UK Business Angels Association.

The full report can be accessed here on Delio’s website.