Welsh Government confirm “The Welsh NHS is not for sale”

welsh nhs not for sale

Following comments made by The President of the United States, Donald Trump, who told the press yesterday that he expected British health services would be “on the table” in future UK-US trade deals post-Brexit, Welsh Government Ministers have swiftly issued a statement to reassure principality residents that any such deal would not apply to the NHS in Wales.

In a joint statement, the Health Minister and International Relations Minister confirmed that the Welsh NHS would not be part of any US-UK trade deal, assuring residents that the NHS in Wales is the responsibility of the Welsh Government.

Minister for International Relations, who has responsibility for trade policy, Eluned Morgan said:

“The Welsh NHS is a public service, and under this Welsh Government, will remain so.

“I have made absolutely clear to the UK government’s International Trade Secretary, Liam Fox, that devolution must be respected in any new trade deals post-Brexit. That includes the UK government respecting the Welsh Government’s determination to preserve the NHS as a public service.

“So, there is absolutely no prospect whatsoever of us allowing the Welsh NHS to be part of any negotiation on a new trade deal with the USA. It is simply not going to happen.”

Health Minister, Vaughan Gething added:

“The Welsh NHS is a public service that was born in Wales, and it will remain a public service under this Welsh Government.

“And in Wales, under this government, it will continue to be a much loved and cherished service that puts people, not profit, first.”

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