New legislation around business waste recycling will come into force on 6 April 2024, and Swansea-based total waste management firm, Gavin Griffiths Group, is urging all businesses to prepare for the changes now or risk being non-compliant next year.

The latest Welsh Government mandate was due to roll out this October, but following feedback from those that would be affected, this date was pushed back to early next year, allowing business owners additional time to prepare. Regulations were laid on 7th November by Welsh Government and debates are scheduled in the Senedd on 28th November, if approved, the new regulations will come into force as planned on 6th April 2024.


The new rules call for businesses, public sector and third-party organisations across Wales to separate their recyclable materials in a similar way as to how householders across the country already do now.

Materials that come under the new bill include:

Food waste, consisting of more than 5kg per week, glass, paper and card, textiles, metals, plastic and cartons and any small waste electricals and equipment.


From the date the new legislation is imposed, these recyclable waste materials will need to be separated for collection, at which point they will be collected and kept separately too. With this in mind, the latest Welsh Government initiative doesn’t just affect those disposing of waste but is a commitment that also falls into the hands of waste management firms, such as Gavin Griffiths Group.


Gavin Griffiths, Managing Director of the firm shares his views: “This is good news for Wales and is a necessary action for business owners and waste management companies to follow, as it will undoubtedly support the Government’s mission to lower carbon emissions. Anything that organisations can do to help make the world a more sustainable place, is worth doing.

“We are committed to minimising our environmental impact, and as such, we fully support the latest bill which will hopefully encourage all firms and businesses throughout Wales to consider their own sustainability measures. After all, we are all responsible for looking after our planet.”


However, the new legal requirements set to make such drastic change to how businesses have managed their waste disposal for years before now, is likely to cause some element of confusion.


Gavin Griffiths adds: “It’s understandable that these new laws will raise some questions. Until now, many establishments haven’t needed to consider their recyclables with such intent. It’s a big change to operations and that’s why we’re urging business owners to be ahead of the curve, understand the changes that are going to be imposed and prepare their business and workforce to follow the new legislations. Their compliance will be key to Wales achieving its zero-waste target. If there is any confusion, we would encourage establishments to reach out to their waste management providers, who will be able to offer more advice on how to prepare for the new Welsh Government initiative.”


Gavin Griffiths Group is a multi-accredited contractor with sites based in Llangyfelach, Swansea and Cwmgwili, Camarthenshire.


Gavin Griffiths continues:

“We are keen to hear from businesses that want to embrace this opportunity to change the way they dispose of waste. Together, it is possible to see great results from the mandate, and we are confident that our local Welsh business communities will accept the change. As a business that takes recycling seriously, we are here to offer our expertise to businesses that may not have previously had to think about recycling. We can offer advice as well as fully managed services to ensure businesses remain compliant after the legislation is rolled out. ”

You can read more about the Welsh Government’s plans to introduce the new legislation, here, and here to contact Gavin Griffiths Group.