What Can Welsh Businesses Learn from iGaming to Adapt to Trying Times?

2020 has already proven to be a trying time for many businesses. Marred with uncertainty out of the gate, three short months have been a rollercoaster for many Welsh businesses – and industries around the globe. Nevertheless, in the spirit of persistence, many businesses continue to press on in the face of such adversity.

One of these businesses is the iGaming industry. While the hospitality and entertainment industries also have made adaptations to their business model to remain active. How can businesses learn from iGaming and adapt to changing and unpredictable industry events?

Use Tech to Adapt

The nature of modern technology means that businesses don’t necessarily have to stick to one field. They can often straddle the line of multiple industries and appeal to a wide range of customers. That also means that if one industry hits a stumbling block, the others can keep your business afloat. iGaming provides a range of gaming options that represent the latest of technology – from live-streaming table games with live poker, roulette, and blackjack, to optimizing for mobile devices.

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Many cafes and restaurants are following iGaming and improving their online offering by allowing a delivery option. This enables them to continue trading and offers customers the option to still patronise the establishment. Some bars that focus on live performers and quizzes are doing online versions, with donation points to ensure the talent that conducts the entertainment is reimbursed and kept afloat too.

Being able to adapt to the situation reflects the spirit of difficult times and helps the business stay afloat. For instance, Snails Deli in Cardiff has suggested people can purchase vouchers to be redeemed at a later date. This helps customers keep the business afloat and provides the promise of a treat in the future. The iGaming spots and takes opportunities in the digital world, and now many other businesses are doing the same in order to stay afloat.

Attract Customers with Special Offers

The online casino industry shows how implementing welcome offers and special deals can help not only attract new customers but can solidify relationships with existing ones. Offering something for new customers isn’t a new trick, and we have seen it across retail – ASOS offer 10% off for first orders, while Sainsbury’s offers up to 30% on online shops for first-time users.

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For new players interested in playing an online slot, they can take advantage of jackpot bonuses and special prizes, sometimes in the form of free spins. These welcome offers can be redeemed against a huge variety of different slot games – from ones focused on Ancient Egypt to the TV show Vikings, and even Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. Once a player swears loyalty to an online casino brand, they can even expect future offers and special prizes tailored to the games they have been playing. The more a player uses an online casino, the more their relationship with the site builds – which is important for other businesses to consider when it comes to establishing loyalty and repeat customers.

The vast amount of businesses using creativity and innovation to keep themselves afloat in difficult times is awe-inspiring and with so many ideas floating around, the business community is helping one another. Taking inspiration from iGaming might seem out-of-the-box, but we are living in unconventional times, so the marketing strategies the industry employs might just help you out. Whether your business is implementing offers to attract custom or you are changing your offering to adapt to the times, the persistence will hopefully pay off.