Everyone has a dream car that they fantasize about owning. For some, this may be an Aston Martin or a Bentley. For others, this could be a Jeep or a Mini Cooper. However, dream cars often entail unrealistic budgets and high levels of maintenance.

Most people have one or two models that spring to mind when they think of their dream car. A dream might sound great in theory but when push comes to shove, you may have been happier with another option.

Dream cars are typically very expensive, so you’ll want to make sure that you are making the right decision. These are the different factors you should be looking at when you go to purchase your dream car…


Your Budget

First things first, in order to purchase your dream vehicle, you’ll need the funds to do so. We can all dream big, but we need our wallets to match out ambitions. Set a budget that you are comfortable with and explore the different options that are available to you within this bracket.

Over the years, you may even find that your dream car fluctuates in price, as cars can depreciate in value depending on the model and rarity of its availability. If you dream car is going to take some saving up, try to set yourself realistic goals or explore your financing options.


Long Term Use

You may be asking yourself, how can I find the right car for me? The answer is simple. You need to do your research. One of the most important aspects of finding your dream car is determining its long-term use.

Do you want it as a project to work on and build upon? In this case you need a car with available parts. Will it be your only form or transport? In this case you may want a car that is fuel efficient. Will you be living in an area suitable for your dream car? In this case you may not want a luxury supercar if you don’t have a private garage for it.

After your budget, this is one of the most important factors you should consider. After all, there is no point in spending thousands, or hundreds of thousands, of pounds on a car that won’t fulfil your needs.


Re-Sale Value 

Ordinary cars are some of the worst investments you can make. If your dream car is a modern make which is still available on the market, the more miles you accumulate, the worse the re-sale value will be. Each year a new model of the same car is released which also deters from the re-sale value.

If your dream car is a Range Rover and you’re not too bothered about the year it was released, it could be a good idea to simply buy this second hand. This can save you hundreds of pounds and help you stay within budget. On the other hand, if your dream car is more a collector’s item, you should definitely consider its depreciation and whether it’s worth investing in.


Fuel Consumption

Another important factor you should consider when thinking about your dream vehicle is how much fuel it’s going to be consuming. If money is no issue, then this might not be a determining factor, however, if you care about sustainability, you may want to re-think your dream vintage model.

Similarly, if you’re planning on using your dream vehicle as your only form of transport and you are a frequent traveller, you may find this to be an expensive option. You may find that you are happier choosing a luxurious, yet sustainable, car like the Tesla Model S or the Jaguar I-Pace.


Spare Parts

If you are a sucker for vintage cars and you can’t imagine your dream car being anything else, the availability of spare parts is a serious factor to consider. This is where you will need to do plenty of research. You may find that the car has plenty of available parts but that they come attached to a hefty price tag.

Consider things like the origin of the car, the year of the car, and the rarity of the car. You may find that there are plenty of parts for your car in Asia, but then you have to include things like delivery costs and import taxes too.



Another important aspect that people often overlook is the insurance cost of the vehicle. If you have been saving up for years to purchase your car, you’re going to want to make sure that you can drive it with insurance.

The higher the price of your car, the higher it is to maintain and to insure. It’s better to be safe than sorry so we recommend getting a quote before you decide to purchase your dream vehicle.


Owner Reviews

Finally, if you really want to get a first-hand opinion on what owning your dream car is truly like, go ahead and look for owner reviews. Don’t just focus on the positive ones, make sure to read the negative ones, as well as the in-between ones.

Each car will come with its own set of pros and cons, so being able to sift through these will make your decision much easier. If you still have any questions, you can even try getting into contact with the owners.

All in all, being able to purchase the car of your dreams is an important milestone in anybody’s life. So, once you do get your vehicle, make sure to treat it with plenty of love and care. This means driving safely, respecting traffic rules, and respecting the rights of other drivers.

Depending on the make and model of your dream car, you may even be able to re-sell this in the future and turn a profit. This is why keeping your car in top shape is of utmost importance. Make sure to keep it clean, both inside and outside, and schedule regular maintenance checks with your local mechanic.