People will make snap judgments about what you wear, how you present yourself, and the music you listen to. If you drive daily, you’ll also notice that your co-workers or friends will draw conclusions based on your car, whether it’s the color, brand, or cleanliness. Let’s take a look at what others will likely say about you, depending on your vehicle’s look and feel.

What Your Type of Car Says About You

Luxury/Car With Custom Plates

People who drive luxury cars are usually seen as rich and successful. Brands like Bentley, Rolls-Royce, and Porsche are associated with people who value their public image, but they can come off as snobby to some people. This association is mostly unfair because buying nice things doesn’t necessarily make you selfish. 

Custom number plates are also another way to promote success. These types of plates will always turn heads because they give off a custom appearance to any car, luxury, or otherwise.

Pick-up Trucks/Mud Flaps

Depending on where you live, a pick-up truck can provide a lot of utility. Anyone who’s lived through a snowy winter will appreciate these beauties because working your way through a blizzard becomes simple. Other than that, you’ll likely get the label of a construction worker, a “tough-guy” or girl, or someone who likes to workout.

Add mud flaps to your truck, and people will assume you like to off-road. A dirty truck will give that impression even more, especially if you have an ATV in the back.


If you drive a minivan, people will probably think you’re a soccer mom or, at least, a person who carts around a lot of children. Minivans are usually targeted towards families who participate in outdoor activities or sports. You’ll probably become the designated mom or dad of the group if you show up to the barbeque in one of these.

If you want to continue this impression, put some stickers on the back of your minivan. “Baby on board” and the stick-figure family are popular with this crowd.

Compact/Bike Rack

Compacts are the typical vehicle that most people drive, and yet you’ll still give off an impression if you drive one. People usually assume you’re energetic, mobile, and young and assume you’re in a relationship. Young professionals like to drive these vehicles, and they tend to be popular with new students and first-time drivers.

Add a bike rack to the back, and people will assume you’d bike around if the commute weren’t so far. Or that you’re at least a little outdoorsy.

Sports Car/Racing Stripes

The impression someone gets is usually determined by whos driving the car. A young person driving a sports car gives off the impression that they’re a young millionaire or used their daddy’s money to buy them something nice. A middle-aged person driving a sports car gives off the appearance of a mid-life crisis or someone who earned their way up to success.

Add racing stripes to your sports car, and people will think you’re funny and eccentric. Who wouldn’t want to get to know someone who put decals on their car?


A coupe is a two-door vehicle with a trunk, so most people assume you don’t have kids and that you can afford some sort of luxury without being too much of a show-off. The coupe is a perfect middle-class car. Others will assume you’re coming into money and have the means to splurge a little because coupes are typically Audis or BMWs. 

If you add nice rims to your coupe, you will give off the impression that you want to show your wealth. Avoid this if you’re going to keep a low profile.